Beginning in the Fall 2020 semester, a redesign of the English program, consisting of three 3-credit courses, will begin. The program is based on five principles:

  1. Our students are increasingly sophisticated users of English.
  2. Our program must not remediate but expand their capacities to read, write, and compose digitally.
  3. English as a second language is not a challenge but an opportunity.
  4. Our students are digital natives of an increasingly digital world.
  5. Our faculty can become world leaders in English as a Medium of Instruction research and education.



Course Description

English Communication (8 credits).

Course Code Course Name Course Catalog Description Credits
ENGL 101 Academic English I This course introduces reading, writing and digital composing in scientific and professional fields. Assignments include writing about numbers analytically and interpretively; abstracting and summarizing; and citing and referencing evidence. Extended written assignments include a review of evidence supporting a claim and a focused essay with a supporting digital presentation. 3 credits
ENGL 102 Academic English II This course extends skills in evidence-based reading, writing, and digital composition introduced in ENGL 101. Major assignments include writing a data-based technical report that includes a digital presentation and a group-based funding proposal based on a realistic Request for Funding Proposal (RFP) with an oral presentation. 3 credits
An LTCM Elective in intensive reading and writing Academic English Students will choose one course from a wide range of courses taught by English with an increasingly diverse range of research specializations. All courses will focus on developing analytical skills in reading and writing, with a focus on broadening the perspectives and capacities for innovation and reasoning in STEM areas. 3 credits