Partial Scholarships for International Students

Partial Scholarships

The Khalifa University Partial Scholarship is a general tuition support grant for students who meet the university’s rigorous standards. Developed to be a financial support for hardworking and deserving students, the KU Partial Scholarship continues to incentivize a great number of students to do better. To be considered for the Partial Scholarship, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher during their studies at Khalifa University. 

The partial scholarship gives international students a 75% tuition discount towards a BSc program in the College of Arts and Sciences, or a 50% tuition discount towards a BSc program in the College of Engineering.

Below is a breakdown of the annual tuition compared to the discounted rate under the Partial Scholarship.*




Full Tuition

AED 100,000/year

AED 100,000/year

With Discount



* The above figures are average costs. Exact costs may vary depending on the number of credit hours registered.

* The above figures are not including Summer terms.

* The above figures are not including dorms and transportation fees.

* Terms & Conditions will apply.


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