The Ro'ya Program offers high school students workshops and hands-on experience in topics related to the oil and gas industry, helping develop students' critical thinking and leadership skills.

Throughout the program, students participate in activities that assist them in developing awareness in their academic and social lives. They are exposed to the different aspects and university majors that are important to the gas and oil industry.

The program involves two intensive summer workshops in Abu Dhabi (Summer 1, 2022 and Summer 2, 2023), followed by a brief refresher program during the winter break. Along with yearly projects and online learning assignments, students participate in monthly mentorship sessions with Khalifa University experts who assist them in working on their projects and learning assignments throughout the duration of the program.


Program Objectives:

  • Introduce students to the Energy sector.
  • Help students build their Leadership and Business skills.
  • Enhance team building and communication skills through group projects.
  • Create experiential learning opportunities through exposure to lab work and a glance at artificial intelligence in the industry.


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