Khalifa University launched an accelerated educational program in August 2020 that allows outstanding high school students to take Bachelor-level courses for credit, and brilliant Bachelor’s students to take Master’s level courses for credit. The Dual Credit program is expected to bridge the gap between educational levels, providing an opportunity for exceptional students to obtain their degrees within a shorter duration.

In its first iteration, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Khalifa University selected 18 elite students from grades 11 and 12 to join this dual credit program in the Fall 2020 semester. They will take one course per semester within the 2020-2021 academic year. The students were given a selection of five courses to choose from including calculus, physics as well as introduction to programming (C++ or Matlab).

Similarly, the Accelerated Master of Science Programs enable exceptional senior undergraduate students in the College of Engineering to start their Master’s studies even while pursuing their undergraduate education. Through the Accelerated MSc program option, a highly motivated student, with the help of her/his academic advisor, can finish undergraduate and Master’s degrees within a nominal period of five-years. The accelerated program targets students for whom a Master’s degree will provide the necessary preparation to achieve career goals, or for pursuing a doctorate degree.

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