The KU-SDG Ambassador Program is a co-curricular program which aims to build upon KU’s membership into the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and introduce the UN-SDGs to our students; equipping them with the knowledge to contribute towards giving back to the community . This program will include a series of workshops on the topics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership with a focus on sustainability. The workshop series will be divided into six units: An introductory session, four themed units based on the 17 goals, and a closing session.

The workshop series begins in Fall and concludes in Spring, with case studies after the each of four  main modules. Introductory sessions are open to all undergraduate students, but students who register for the workshop series must commit to the end. Student who successfully complete the program are recognized with a certificate.


  • Social Welfare Rights
  • Socio-Economic Development and Prosperity Rights
  • Environmental Protection Rights
  • Equality and Human Rights


After an introductory session, there will be a workshop every few weeks that addresses one of the categories outlined and presents a scenario on issues pertinent to the problems addressed. Each one relates to the SDGs of the session and provides a task for participants to:

  1. research, evaluate, and monitor the development and progress of the SDGs in the UAE and from a global perspective where is appropriate.
  2. innovate, entrepreneur and lead a community project where possible  

Selection Criteria

  • Open to all KU undergraduate students
  • Must be a sophomore at time of application
  • Reliability and ability to dedicate time to complete the year-long program
  • Complete the application form

Applicant must possess a genuine interest for sustainability, environment, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attendance of workshops is mandatory
  • Participation in case studies is mandatory
  • Participation in events and activities and attending external sessions relating to the program is encouraged
  • Promotion of the program through your social network
  • Commit to the program and related activities
  • Ability to coordinate, manage tasks and work under pressure


Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the 17 UN SDGs
  • Learn how to develop practical innovative solutions
  • Learn how to contribute to your community
  • Learn how to work as a team player


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