Graduation Ceremony 2019

Graduation Ceremony 2019

The Khalifa University 2019 Graduation Ceremony

will honor over 400 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students from our pre-merger legacy institutes – the Petroleum Institute, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, and the Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research – who have completed their degree studies.

Graduation Date 20 October, 2019
Location Emirates Palace-Auditorium 
Graduating Classes 2019

Please note that for the Khalifa University 2019 Graduation Ceremony it is the responsibility of the student to acquire the graduation gowns. Gowns must be obtained from a specific supplier and will be tailored in accordance to a specific design.  

Please see prices below: 

  • Men’s bisht (for Emirati men): AED 340
  • Men’s dress (For non-Emirati men): AED 390
  • Women’s Abaya (For all): AED 390

Preferred times for measurement taking and delivery are as below:

  • Measurements can be taken at any Abu Hulaiqa branch from 18th September to 5th October 2019
  • To pick up your order please contact the shop.
  • Female tailors are available only in the Dalma Mall Branch”. 

 For Graduates who are outside the country and can’t collect their gown within the deadline, may ask a colleague or family member to collect it on their behalf.”


  • Men’s bisht (for Emirati men):
  • Men’s Gown (For non-Emirati men):
  • Women’s Abaya (For all)

Black Cap & Tassel

  • Emirati males to wear white ghutra and agal
  • Cap is black for all females and non-Emirati males, but different sizes
  • Tassel is the same for all graduating students

Honor Cords

  • Excellence with Highest Honor/ Honor with Distinction (Gold)
  • Excellence with High Honor / Honor (Silver)
  • Excellence with Honor (Red)

*Concerned students will be contacted on when and where can they collect the cords.

*PhD students will get different hat design.

The dress code for the event will be the same as for that of the commemorative photo shoot. Please see the specifics below. Please note that the dress code should be strictly followed. 

Emirati male White kandoora, white ghutra and agal
Non-Emirati male Black suit, white shirt and black tie
Emirati female Black shela, black abaya and subtle makeup
Non‐Emirati female Black Hijab (if applicable), plain dark top and subtle makeup
  • Details regarding the graduation ceremony program, and that of the dress rehearsal, will be circulated in due course.
  • Tickets will be distributed at the Main Campus.

When, and where will the Graduation Ceremony be held?

Answer: The graduation is being held on 20 October 2019, at Emirates palace- Auditorium.

Is there parking available and is it paid parking?

Answer: Parking is available at Emirates Palace. Valet service is not included.

If I come in my car, will I be reimbursed for the parking?

Answer: No, all attendees are responsible to pay for their valet service.

Can I leave the graduation right after I receive my degree?

Answer: No. All students will leave together after the official closure of the ceremony

Is there a space where we can leave our bags, mobiles, etc?

Answer: Yes, an allocated room will be set aside for graduating students, volunteers, and staff to place their personal belonging in, with a security staff to man the area.

When is the graduation rehearsal?

Answer:  To be announced

Do I have to bring my gown to the rehearsal?

Answer: No, the gown is not required for rehearsal. But the gown is absolutely required or graduation, and not having your gown with you at graduation will disqualify you from participation.

What if I do not attend rehearsal?

Answer: If you do not attend the rehearsal, you are no longer applicable to attend the graduation.

Where can I get my gown, how can I know my size? What is the location of the gown vendor?

Answer: Please refer to the gowns email previously sent.

Do I have to take an appointment to give my gown order, or is a walk-in acceptable?

Answer: The email regarding details on gown purchasing will also include a time slot for when students should go and make their gown orders, as well as a deadline by when the orders must be given.

Do I have to return the gown?

Answer: No, you will be purchasing the gown to own.

How many guests am I allowed to bring?

Answer: Each graduating student is allotted two tickets.

Where can I collect the Invitation tickets?

Answer: Tickets will be distributed as follows:
Graduating students (undergraduate + postgraduate) from Main Campus to collect their tickets from Main Campus, Student Services, E Building, Level 3.
Graduating students (undergraduate + postgraduate) from SAN Campus, Arzanah and MCC Campus to collect their tickets from SAN Campus, Student Services, Bu Hasa Building, Level G.

I won’t be able to attend the graduation ceremony this year, will I be able to attend next year’s?

Answer: For further information please contact Asma Sharif at or Bader Al Badi at .

Khalifa University 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, 20 October, 2019
Emirates Palace-Auditorium

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