All students entering Khalifa University as freshmen or undergraduate transfer students must satisfy the General Education Requirements (GER).

Students should check with their academic advisors to see if their College has any additional requirements that go beyond the basic GERs, or whether certain programs will require them to undertake specific courses or to follow a particular order.

University General Education Requirements

1. English Communication (8 credits)

ENGL 111 English Communication I 4 cr
ENGL 112 English Communication II 4 cr

2. Math/Science (24 credits)

CHEM 115 Introducation to General Chemistry for Engineers 4 cr
PHYS 121 University Physics I 4 cr
PHYS 122 University Physics II 4 cr
MATH 111 Calculus I 4 cr
MATH 112 Calculus II 4 cr
MATH 211 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 4 cr

3. Business Studies (6 credits)

BUSS 201 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 3 cr
BUSS 301 Inside Organizations 3 cr

4. Humanities and Social Sciences (12 credits)

Four 3-credits courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences are required for all students. Students must take at least one course but no more than two courses in the area of Islamic Studies and Culture. The current list of courses in this area includes: HUMA 102 (Islamic Culture), HUMA 111 (Islamic History), HUMA 112 (Sciences in Islam), HUMA 210 (Introduction to Islamic Law), and HUMA 211 (Islam and Modernity).

The Office of the Registration keeps an updated list of the approved courses in this category.