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Vehicle-Bridge Interaction: High-Speed Railways and Vehicle Scanning of Bridges

November 25 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The dynamic vehicle-bridge interaction (VBI) is an interdisciplinary research area linking civil engineering (bridge dynamics) and mechanical engineering (vehicle dynamics). Research interest on VBI originally originated from the vital role of railway networks as lifelines, worldwide and especially, in Asia. In China, it is estimated that by 2035 the total length of the railway network will reach 70,000 km from 39,000 km it stands today. Furthermore, in contemporary high-speed railway (HSRs), bridges may constitute even more than 80% of the total length of a HSR line. At the speed levels high-speed trains operate (250-350km/h) dynamic phenomena that would otherwise be of little significance for the integrity of the bridge or performance of the vehicle, might represent a credible threat for the train’s running safety and the passengers’ comfort.

On the other hand, a vehicle traversing a bridge both excites the bridge, and is also excited by the vibration of the bridge. Thus, processing the response of a properly instrumented vehicle can reveal vital information about the structural health of bridges. This is an alternative approach to “scan” bridges using vehicles which is more economical, in terms of time, labor, and money, and more scalable in comparison with conventional SHM methods. This talk will present the most important contributions of Dr. Dimitrakopoulos, and his research group, on both the analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction, as well as, on vehicle scanning of bridges.