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Organic Bioelectronics: From Diagnostics to Drug Discovery

November 21 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The development of micro-electronic devices that bridge the gap between the
rigidity of traditional electronics with the soft mechanics of biological systems is highly desirable. Having already demonstrated commercial success in areas such as light emitting diodes and photovoltaics, electrically conducting polymers are now entering the biomedical arena. With the ultimate goal of fully integrated wearable sensors combined with IoT, and that of autonomous at-home diagnostic tests, organic bioelectronic technologies have been heavily explored the past decade resulting in novel device configurations. Multiplexing capability, ability to adopt to complex performance requirements in biological fluids, sensitivity, stability, literal flexibility, and compatibility with large-area processes are only some of the merits of conducting polymers. This talk will summarize our recent efforts on developing such smart platforms for health monitoring as well as for drug discovery.