What do Mechanical Engineers Do

Mechanical engineers are employed by almost every type of industry owing to their innovative problem-solving skills that can be applied to a variety of human endeavors including (but not limited to) energy conversion, manufacturing, transportation, health sciences, and transportation. Mechanical engineers use the principles of science to design and develop new systems, processes, materials, and devices – and to troubleshoot, analyze, and improve the existing ones. Below are a few of the many of mechanical engineering fields, a KU graduate can efficiently contribute to their development:

Design and Manufacturing

Design a large variety of functional products and create or revamp machines to produce valuable goods efficiently.

Energy and Environment

Develop more efficient ways to harness, store and convert energy for human activity and industry, while mitigating environmental impact.

Robotics, AI and Automation

Empower mankind with intelligent robots that can help in daily activities, bring smart automation in industry, or explore the unknown autonomously in harsh environments or on other planets.

Mobility and Transportation

Design, develop and test innovative mobile and transportation systems for automotive industry, marine engineering, aerial and space vehicles.

Materials and Micro/Nanotechnology

Design, discover and process materials to fabricate compact devices for high-quality human life and industry.


Combine mechanical engineering principles and biological knowledge to develop devices that can improve human beings’ quality of life.