Mathematical Biology, Risk Assessment and Differential Equations

Optimal Distribution of Vaccine to Control Diseases: HPV Vaccine as an Example

Dr. Mo’tassem Alarydah

  • Our goal is to construct a realistic biologically based mathematical model that best describes the spread of diseases under vaccines control programs. Then to look for the optimal distribution of vaccines to control the disease with least possible cost. The mathematical results are translated back to strategies that help policy-makers distribute vaccines in optimal ways to control the diseases with less costs.

Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Epidemics and Social Behavior

Dr. Jorge P. Zubelli

  • This is a long term project for the development of tools to model a wide range of biophysical phenomena. The tools include but are not limited to machine learning, inverse problems, and statistical methods. Among the different objects of our study we have studied the (spatio-temporal) statistics of gunshots in urban areas in an effort to predict hot spots and develop containment measures. Another application is the modeling of infectious diseases such as the COVID19 epidemics.