Inverse Problems and Applications

Electromagnetic tomography

Dr. Mohamed Kamel Riahi

  • Electromagnetic tomography is a widely used technique in industry and medicine. In our project, we aim at monitoring the clogging deposition in the shell side of the SG tubes surrounded by the tube support plates. The mathematical model governing the physical phenomena is the Eddy-Current (EC) approximation of Maxwell’s equations. The inverse problem consists of recovering deposits, cracks or both in the tested compartment, using near field measurement. The mathematical tools, which help in developing efficient algorithms for the inverse problem, may potentially rely on shape optimization technique, level set method and linear sampling method.

Wave modeling and inverse problem in Geophysics

Dr. Mohamed Kamel Riahi and Dr. Mohammad Al-Khaleel

  • In this project, in collaboration with our colleagues in the Geophysics department, we aim at developing new numerical methods that help toward providing surface images, taking into account the anisotropy and viscoelasticity of the imaged carbonate reservoirs.