Dr. Tadahiro Kishida
Dr. tadahiro kishida Associate Professor Civil Infrastructure And Environmental Engineering

Contact Information
tadahiro.kishida@ku.ac.ae +971 2 312 4087


Dr. Tadahiro Kishida holds a PhD from the University of California, Davis (USA). He was an Assistant Project Scientist at the University of California, Berkeley (USA); Assistant Professor at Chiba University (Japan); Engineer at URS Corporation in Oakland, California (USA). He is a visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles (USA). He holds a professional engineering license in the State of California. He was awarded with Faculty Research Excellence in 2018 and 2019.

  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis (USA)
  • MSc, Civil Engineering, Kobe University (Japan)
  • BSc, Civil Engineering, Kobe University (Japan)

  • Foundation Engineering (CIVE470)
  • Geology for Civil Engineering (CIVE238)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (CIVE338)
  • Geotechnical Natural Hazards Mitigation (CIVE338)

Research Interests
  • Static and dynamic soil behaviors
  • Earthquake ground motions
  • Dam and embankment analysis

Research Projects

Sustainable ballast design for railway system using locally available natural and recycled materials

The project conducts the static and dynamic tests for recycle aggregates and evaluates their performance. Constitutive models are developed under low confining stress with high repeated loading. Geogrid performances are also evaluated for dilatant aggregates with low confining stress.

Ground motion prediction in the UAE

Ground motion models are studied by developing the ground-motion database in the UAE. Site response studies are conducted by reviewing the attenuation of high-frequency contents.  

Biological improvement of liquefiable calcareous sand

Static and dynamic responses are studied for calcareous sand. Liquefaction potential is predicted from cone penetration resistance.

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Elia Voyagaki Research Scientist
Meletetsega Gashaw Gebeyehu PhD Student
Deepa Kunhiraman Nambiar PhD Student
Krishna Santhosh PhD Student
Sana Haroon Anamangadan PhD Student
Rusul Falah Aldulaimi PhD Student
Mohamed Tamer Hussein MSc Student
Sara Akram Zaki Ibrahim MSc Student