Dr. Srinivasa Kannan Chandrasekar
Prof. srinivasakannan chandrasekar Professor Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Contact Information


After doctoral degree served petrochemical industry and research institutes before starting academic career in the year 2001.  Held academic positions with University Science Malaysia, Curtin University and Monash University before joining Petroleum Institute as Associate Professor in the year 2009.

  • PhD., Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India
  • M.Tech., Bharathiar University, India
  • B.E., Annamalai University, India

  • Chemical Engineering Design Project I (CHEG397)
  • Chemical Engineering Design Project II (CHEG490)
  • Chemical Process Safety (CHEG340)
  • Combustion and Air Pollution Control (CHEG415)
  • Consequence analysis of chemical releases (COSC320)
  • Experimental Design (CHEG213)
  • Heat Transfer (CHEG335)
  • Mass Transfer (CHEG324)
  • Petroleum Refining and Processing (CHEM655)
  • Separation Processes (CHME361)
  • Separation Processes (CHME361)

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Affiliated Centers, Groups & Labs

Research Interests
  • Gas Processing
  • Adsorption, Catalysis
  • mineral processing
  • Gasification, Pyrolysis, Combusion
  • Microwave application
  • Solid waste, waste water, air pollution
  • Process Modeling and Simulation

Research Projects

Catalytic Cracking of methane to high hydrogen and high value carbon


BTX removal in the sulfur recovery process using adsorption

Plastic waste to syngas through catalytic fluidized bed gasification

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Iqra Hamdani Post doctoral fellow
Adeel Iftikhar Ahmad PhD student
Haleema Mohamed Chulliyil Graduate Student

Research Associate position to work in the project on catalytic cracking of methane to hydrogen and high value carbon. One year position starting Feb. 2023. Post graduate in chemical engineering with experience in advanced analytical instruments favorable.