Dr. Nayla El Kork
Dr. nayla el-kork Associate Professor Physics

Contact Information
nayla.elkork@ku.ac.ae 2 312 4023


Dr. Nayla El Kork obtained her PhD in 2009 from the Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, France where she studied the optical properties of nanoparticles through Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy. During her PhD, she was a holder of Max Planck Institute Grants for undergoing research at Friedrich Schiller University (Jena) and Chemnitz Technical University (Chemnitz), Germany. She joined Khalifa University in 2010 where she is still pursuing her teaching and research activities.

  • PhD, Physics, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)
  • Masters of Science in Physics, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Beirut Arab University (Lebanon)

  • Computational Physics (PHYS211)
  • Electricity and Magnetism II (PHYS422)
  • PhD Research Proposal Examination (SCIE796)
  • PhD Written Qualifing Examination (SCIE799)
  • Senior Project I (PHYS497)
  • Senior Project II (PHYS498)
  • University Physics I (PHYS121)
  • University Physics II (PHYS122)
  • Master's Thesis (CHEG699)

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Affiliated Centers, Groups & Labs

Research Interests
  • Electronic structure of diatomic molecules
  • Laser cooling of molecules
  • Molecular Linelists applied to space sciences