Dr. Nabil Maalej
Dr. nabil maalej Associate Professor Physics

Contact Information
nabil.maalej@ku.ac.ae 023124698


Dr. Nabil Maalej graduated with MS and Ph.D. degrees in medical physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI, USA.  He also earned an MS degree in electrical engineering (Biomedical track) from the same university and a BS degree in EE from the University of Rochester, NY, USA. He worked as a research assistant at the biomedical instrumentation lab, and Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cardiovascular Research Lab.  He worked as a consultant in the design and development of medical devices at Arthur D. Little, Inc. in Boston.  He joined King Fahd University of Petroleum in 2001 and lead a team to establish the first master’s program in medical physics in the region. He mentored more than 30 competent medical physicists who are serving mostly in cancer imaging and treatment centers.  He joined KU in 2021 to help establish the first UAE master’s program in medical physics.  He was the primary investigator in five funded research projects and a coinvestigator in seven research projects in the fields of medical physics and biomedical engineering.   He published more than fifty-five Journal papers and more than seventy-five conference papers.  He earned three US patents in x-ray imaging development. His research interests are in medical physic and biomedical instrumentation in general and in particular the optimization of medical imaging, the development of nanoparticles for x-ray and MRI imaging, the development of new parametric imaging techniques, and the application of AI to medical imaging and radiation therapy.  He earned the best teacher award at KFUPM in 2005.   He supervised and co-supervised more than thirty MS and Ph.D. students. Throughout his career, he lead and served on many committees at the department, college, university, and national levels.

  • Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1994
  • MS, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990.
  • MS, Electrical and Computer engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1987
  • BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 1985.

  • Physics (PMED511)
  • Physics of Diagnostic Imaging (PHYS399)
  • Physics of Nuclear Medicine (MEPH650)
  • Physics of Radiotherapy (MEPH680)
  • Radiological Protection in Existing and Emergency Exposure Situations (MEPH630)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Advanced Materials Chemistry Center

Research Interests
  • Medical Physics
  • Optimization of medical imaging
  • Development of nanoparticles for x-ray and MRI imaging
  • Development of new parametric imaging techniques
  • Application of AI to medical imaging and radiation therapy

Research Projects

Cancer cell Enhanced Spectral CT Scanner Imaging using Functionalized Nanoparticles Contrast Agents 

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Adil Bardane Post Doctoral Fellow, Physics
Yusuf Ibrahim Ulatunji Doctor of Philosophy Research/Teaching , Physics

Looking for MS and  Ph.D. candidates to work in medical imaging and AI.