Dr. Labeeb Bsoul
labeeb bsoul Professor Humanities And Social Sciences

Contact Information
labeeb.bsoul@ku.ac.ae +971507352500

  • PhD. McGill University

  • Introduction to Islamic Law (HUMA210)
  • Islamic History (HUMA111)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers

Research Projects

Epistemology of Fuad Sezgin and Carl Brockelmann in the history of Islamic heritage, article in progress, 2022-2023.

Strategic Thought of Ibn Khaldun (d. 808/1406) and Arnold Toynbee (d. 1975) (d. 1975). Article in progress, 2022-2023.

Palestine and the Great Feud: A Land Torn in Two, Zionism and the Infancy of Ideas (1897–1921), is the title of a recent monograph, which consists of a four-book series that will be published in four different volumes over the course of the next few years. The battle that took place in Palestine between the years 1897 and 1947 will be examined from multiple perspectives during the course of each volume in this series. The initial publication of the first part has already been accepted by Lexington Books for the month of December 2022.
·       Vol. 2, Palestine in the Interwar Period: Between Internationalization and Revolution (1918-1939). Lexington Books offered the contract on September 28th, and it was signed by both myself and the publisher. This manuscript is expected to be released in May of 2023; vol. 3, Palestine, WWII's Arab and Zionist Perspectives (1939-1948): Challenge to Justice, near completion. 2023-2024; vol. 4, The Palestine-Zionist Conflict (1939-1947): From Growing Winds to Tempest and Tragedy, in progress. 2023-2024.

An investigation using scientific and analytic methods into Islam's perspective on the issue of environmental sustainability, in progress-2023-2024

“The Social Cost of Energy Consumption in the Arab World”, under review. 
Ibn Zufar Sicilians Abu ‘Abdullah (565 AH / 1170 AD) vs. the Italian Niccolo Machiavelli (d. 1527) in Laying the Foundations of “The Art of Politics”, under review. 

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