Kevin Garvey
kevin garvey

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Kevin Garvey 

  • M.A. Renaissance Studies and Modern English Literature, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • M.A. (TESOL) Applied Linguistics, Syllabus Design / Assessment and Scientific English. University of Surrey, UK
  • B. A. (Hons) English Literature, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland,
  • Post Graduate Diploma Knowledge Management and Online Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Masdar Institute

Research Interests
  • His pedagogic and research interests are: Frameworks, Requirements and Merits of Critical Thinking in predicament solutions; analysis and assessment. From elements to standards to traits: Engineering Critical Thinking Elements/Structures of Reasoning: Raising Questions at Issue, Points of View Embodied, Generating Purpose, Assumptions, Implications/Consequences, Data/Information, Concepts, Conclusion. Criteria and Standards: for application of these Elements: Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, Cognitive Dissonance, Confirmation Bias, Justification. Intellectual Standards and Traits: Fairmindedness, Curiosity, Humility/Arrogance, Courage/Distortion, Openness/Convergence, Autonomy/Conformity, Integrity/Contradiction, Perseverance/Frailty. IMRAD Literature Reviews, Abstracts, Principles of Academic Argument.

Additional Info

Kevin Garvey has taught Academic English, Academic Reading, Public Speaking and Engineering Communications courses at Khalifa University since Fall 2018.

Previously (from 2010 - 2018) taught at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, appointed by the Engineering Communications department MIT Boston, USA in support of the MIT-UAE co-accredited MSc and PhD grad school curriculum to design and deliver an engineering focused Research Methodology and Critical Thinking content seminars and classes.

2013 Co-designed and delivered a UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation CAA mandatory University Core Course for PhD. The compulsory doctoral seminar course combined theoretical and practical elements: standards and traits of 'Teaching at a University Level'; emphasising in particular: the design, delivery and assessment of university curriculum; structures of academic argument; and the criterion referenced evaluation of engineering research project outcomes.

Additionally, he co-taught for MSc on the Level 500 core course: with focus on traits and structures of academic argument, effective evidence and reasoning principles, as well as abstracts' design, literature reviews criteria, and data presentation for MSc sustainable energy research projects at Masdar. He continues to design and deliver annual Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) Leadership modules and workshops with reviewed case study tasks for program participants (university outreach initiative); from 2012 - to date 2023. 

Previously (from 1996-2010) he taught on the first UAE Bachelor’s degree course in Applied Media Studies, Higher Colleges of Technology. Teaching: Academic Writing and Research, Media Theory, Contemporary Affairs Analysis and History of The Arab Peoples courses.

From 1992, Directorate of Military Intelligence and Security, GHQ UAE Armed Forces; he was responsible for academic support of senior officers pursuing diverse post graduate security and diplomatic themed studies here in UAE as well as overseas in Australia, Netherlands, Germany and Washington DC. (1992 to 1996).