Hussam El Jammal
Mr. hussam el jammal Senior Instructor Physics

Contact Information 0504274906


Currently a Senior Lecturer at Physics Department teaching PHYS121 and PHYS122 C courses including thier labs. Held various teaching positions in Physics and Math in the UAE, Qatar and USA at the High school and Collage levels. Worked in the Semiconductor industry in the US in the areas of Research and Development, Production and Testing.

  • Master's of Electrical Engineering, University of Arkansas
  • Master's of Physics, Delaware State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Jordan University

  • University Physics I (PHYS121)
  • University Physics II (PHYS122)


Additional Info

Solid state physics

Research and Development; New-Product-Group. 

Diodes-FabTech, Inc. Lees Summit, Missouri, USA  

A mass production facility for discrete and integrated electronic devices such as  Diodes, Transistors, Zener Diodes, MOS Transistors. etc. 

▪ Successfully managed and introduced two product families to market: High  Voltage Switching Diodes and Small Signal Bipolar Transistors.  

▪ Participated in Device Design and Layout using Pspice and AutoCad-Electronics  to insure met specifications.  

▪ Created Manufacturing Process Flow Sheets.  

▪ Compiled process control documentation including: Process Flow Diagrams,  Control Plans, Manufacturing Technology and Test plan.  

▪ Introduced product line maintenance documentation and integration. ▪ Performed Failure Analyses and forwarded plans for yield improvement. ▪ Provided product and engineering support for customers at home and  overseas.