Dr. Fawaz Hjouj
Dr. fawaz hjouj Senior Instructor Senior Lecturer Mathematics

Contact Information
fawaz.hjouj@ku.ac.ae 0508455707


Dr Hjouj received the PhD in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University, USA, in 2004. He worked as an assistant professor with the Mathematics Departments at East Carolina University, USA. In 2013, Hjouj joined the Petroleum Institute in the UAE, which became a part of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology. Hjouj has active research on Radon Transformation that synthesizes numerical analysis and Fourier analysis. This includes computations on digital image processing with applications to different problems in the field of Computerized Tomography.


  • PhD- Mathematics

  • Differential Equations (MATH206)
  • Discrete Mathematics (ECCE751)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH204)
  • Numerical Analysis II (MATH319)
  • Probability and Statistical Inference (MATH244)


Research Interests
  • Tomography
  • Image Processing