Dr. Emad Al Hseinat
Dr. emad alhseinat Associate Professor Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Contact Information
emad.alhseinat@ku.ac.ae 0097123123968


Dr. Emad Alhseinat is an Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at Khalifa University. Since being appointed as Assistant Professor at KU in 2016, he has managed to attract internal and external research grants that total more than AED 6.7 Million as a principal investigator (PI). Dr. Alhseinat has established his lab in novel separation processes for water treatment and desalination at KU. Dr. Alhseinat has filed five patents with KU and published several scientific journal papers in high-impact Journals, i.e., Water Research, Desalination, Chemical Engineering, Separation and Purification Technology, Electrochimica Acta, and Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Dr. Alhseinat is currently an active member of the Center for Membranes and Advanced Water Technology (CMAT) and the Center for Catalysis and Separations (CeCaS) at KU. His research efforts are focused on solving the problem of freshwater shortage in arid regions by improving the efficiency of water desalination and treatment processes and creating innovative and sustainable solutions.

  • Ph.D. in Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan

  • Fluid Mechanics (CHEG232)
  • Heat Transfer (CHEG335)
  • Mass Transfer (CHEG324)
  • Principles of Chemical Engineering (ECCE672)
  • Separation Processes (CHEG485)
  • Fouling in thermal and membrane processes
  • Desalination and Water Treatment

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Center for Catalysis and Separation
  • Center for Membranes and Advanced Water Technology
  • Masdar Institute

Research Interests
  • Developing emerging desalination technologies such as Capacitive Deionization
  • Enhancing separation processes and process Intensification through electromagnetism and other novel approaches
  • Modeling of membrane fouling and characterization

Research Projects

Title: Experimental analysis of PV-RO: Fouling Prediction and Operational Mode Analysis (Jan.2021- July 2023)

Sponsor: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), Industrial External Fund.

Rule: Principle Investigator

Title: Innovative hybrid treatment systems toward sustainable treatment of oil and gas produced water: Full design with a feasibility study (2019- June 2023).

Sponsor: Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), External Fund.

Rule: Principle Investigator

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Dr. Pham Le Phuong Tu (Stella) Postdoc
Dr. Jisha Kuttiani Ali Postdoc
Eng. Abdul Fahim Arangadi RA
Randa Ibrahim Gaber Ph.D. student
Ahmad Al Masri Alwan Ph.D. student
Salha Yaser Saeed Omar Bahayan M.Sc. student