David Dalton
Mr. david dalton Senior Lecturer

Contact Information
david.dalton@ku.ac.ae 0507113980


David F Dalton is from Glasgow, Scotland. He has taught at universities in England, Spain, Mexico and the UAE. In 2002, he joined the Petroleum Institute, which merged with Khalifa University of Science and Technology in 2017. At the PI, he worked initially as an Academic English teacher and coordinator of the pre-university English Foundation Program. In 2005, he moved to the Freshman Communications Program, a team-based problem- based learning, research and communications skills course. Additionally, he was promoted to Senior Lecturer. David also team-taught on Engineering Design and Senior Design Courses (Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Geosciences) and helped develop cross-curricular syllabi for these. Further, he was a key player in the establishment and management of the PI Writing Centre. Here at KU he teaches two levels of English for Academic Purposes and has taught on our Intercultural Communications elective, which he has also published on.
Prior to his time at the PI, he was a leading figure in the start-up of Zayed University in Dubai, the first women’s university in the UAE and something he considers one of his career highlights. During his time at ZU, he was an English instructor, Intensive English Program Supervisor, Readiness (Foundation) Program Supervisor and latterly a language consultant for the Department of Education in Academic Writing and Genre. David also worked for four years in Mexico where he was Head of English at campus Guadalajara of the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico’s premier science, technology and business university.
His first university position was as an English instructor in the English Language Teaching Centre at Sheffield University, UK. During his tenure there, was also appointed Co-director of the English for Academic Purposes Program and taught Business English, English for International Law and English for Medical Purposes. In all the universities he has worked in, David has made significant contributions to curriculum design and development. He has extensive conference presentation experience, including IEEE/ASEE Frontiers in Education, UICEE (UNESCO) and EDU LEARN He was a review editor for the Asian ESP Journal, review editor for the Journal of Communication Practices and a Member of the Advisory Board of EDU LEARN (2018). He has published extensively on a range of education-related areas (See Google Scholar and Orcid link). David has also delivered teacher-training courses in the University of Valencia, the British University of Dubai and Sheffield University. He is an active researcher and current research focuses on Flipped Learning and compliance.

  • MA in Applied Linguistics, Sheffield University, UK.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Sheffield University, UK
  • Licentiate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Trinity College, London
  • Diploma in Youth and Community Work, Manchester University,UK
  • B.Soc.Sc. Joint Hons, Birmingham University, UK
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

  • Academic English I (ENGL101)
  • Academic English II (ENGL102)
  • Intercultural Communication (HUMA221)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Petroleum Institute

Research Interests
  • Research Informed Teaching. Pedagogy and learning. Higher order reading skills. Critical thinking. Plagiarism, the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how.’ The leraner-centered classroom.

Research Projects

Currently researching complaince with pre-task learning activities in a flipped-learning classroom at KU.

Additional Info

For further information see the CV below.

Personal Details
Name: David Francis Dalton
Address Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi PO 2533
Telephone: Home: 971 2 4413467 Office: 971 2 6075238
E-mail: notlab3@gmail.com.
Date of birth: 15th January 1956
Place of birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Marital status: Married, 3 children
Nationality: British
Education and Qualifications
1998 University of Sheffield, England
Post Graduate Diploma in Education
1995 University of Sheffield, England
Masters in Applied Linguistics
1991 University of Sheffield, England
Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL
1991 Sheffield Hallam University, England
Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL 
1988 Trinity College, London
Certificate in TESOL
1988 Sheffield Hallam University, England
Certificate in TESOL 
1981 Manchester University, England
Diploma in Youth and Community Work
1978 Birmingham University, England
 B.Soc.Sc. Joint Hons
Employment Details
2018 –Current Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Senior English Lecturer.
2005- 2018 Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Senior English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes*.
 *EAP includes research tasks/documents and conventions.
2003- 2004 Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Coordinator English Foundation Programme. 
 English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes. 
2002-2003 English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
2002-2002 Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, México
 (ITESM is recognized as the best science/technical/business university in Latin
 America. Its programs are validated by M.I.T. Ranked 161 in 2022 with a
 5 star ranking in the QS World University Rankings).
 Program Curriculum Consultant and TOEFL Instructor.
1998 to 2001 Zayed University, Dubai
2001: Aug -Dec Lecturer of Academic Writing and Genre. Language Consultant for Dept of Education.
2000-2001 Readiness (foundation) Program Supervisor, English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1999-2000 Intensive English Program Supervisor, English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1998-1999 English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1994 to 1998 Instituo Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico
1997-1998 Director of English, Campus Guadalajara, English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1996-1997 Director of English, Campus Chiapas, English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1994-1996 English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes.
1989 - 1994 Sheffield University, England
 English Lecturer, English for Academic Purposes, English for Law, Business English.
1988 – 1989 Mainline School of English, Spain
 English Lecturer, General English and Business English.
1980 – 1988 Sheffield Education Department 
 Counsellor and Youth and Community Worker 
Selected Research and Publications
2022 (submitted) Capturing the Personal and Teaching Experiences of Faculty During the Emergency 
 Response Teaching (Covid) at a Research University in Abu Dhabi.
 D Dalton, S Bechir, A Hassan and A Omar.
 Journal of Comparative and International Higher Education (JCIHE).
2021 The development of Emirati university students’ intercultural sensitivity.
 T Deveci, D Dalton, G El Gamal and J Langille
 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives. Dec 2021
2018 Project-X: An Initiative to Increase Student Engagement Through Laptops
 Tanju Devici, David Dalton, Asli Hasan, Samuel Cubero & Saeed Taleb Amer
 Journal of Contemporary Educational Technology Vol 9, No1 
 Academic reading strategies employed by Arab engineering students in an English-medium 
 tertiary learning environment. Published in Proceedings of 8th International Conference on 
 Education and New Learning Technologies. Palma, Spain
2016 An Approach to Teaching the Production of a Literature Review for a 
 Student Research Report. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and 
 Educational Research. Vol 15, No 13 pp 84-92.
2015 Developing effective interdisciplinary team teaching; A case study of some of the 
 Issues Involved. Published in Proceedings of 8th International Conference of 
 Education, Research and Innovation. Seville, Spain Nov 2015, pp 6038-6045
2014 Understanding first year undergraduate student perceptions of copying and 
 plagiarism: developing a platform for a culture of honest inquiry and 
 the academic construction of knowledge (revised edition).With Robert Craig.
 International Journal for Educational Integrity Vol. 10 No. 1 pp. 56–69. June
2013 Understanding first year undergraduate student perceptions of copying and 
 plagiarism: developing a platform for a culture of honest inquiry and 
 the academic construction of knowledge. With Robert Craig.
 Published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Plagiarism 
 across Europe and Beyond. Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic. June
2011 An Investigation of an Approach to Teaching Critical Reading to Native 
 Arabic Speaking Students. Arab World English Journal. Vol 2, No 4. 58-88
 Embedding Best Practice into Course Design
 Commission for Academic Accreditation, Good Practice Database,
 Abu Dhabi. Oct. With Robert Craig.
2009 Critical reading-An Evaluation of a Teaching Approach
 Published in Proceedings of the 39th Annual Frontiers in Engineering 
 Conference, San Antonio, USA, Oct 
2008 The second language engineering writer; what makes a readable memo report?
 Published in Proceedings of the 38th Annual Frontiers in Engineering 
 Conference, Saratoga Springs, USA, Oct 
 What makes a readable engineering report?
 Asian ESP Journal, Vol 14, No 2, July.
2007 A discussion of the explicit teaching of critical reading and its 
 implications for curriculum. Published in Proceedings of the 10th UICEE (UNESCO) Annual International 
Conference on Quality in Engineering Education, Bangkok. 
 Communications in a second-language engineering environment- a program 
 case study. Journal of Communication Practices. Vol 4, No 1 
2006 Using descriptive assessment rubrics as teaching and learning tools.
 Asian ESP Journal,Nov 2006 Vol 2
 Solar Energy Education for Engineering Students in a Middle Eastern Country—approach, (with Prof 
Isoruko Kubo). Published in Conference Proceedings: 2006 ASEE Annual Conference, Chicago.
 Teaching Communications in a Second language Engineering Environment-an 
 approach. Published in Proceedings of UICEE (UNESCO) 9
th International Quality in 
 Engineering Education Conference, Muscat, Oman
Selected Conferences 
2022 International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. Seville, 
 Presentation on the development of Emirati university students’ intercultural sensitivity. 
2018 EDU Learn. 10th International conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. 
 Plama, Spain. Paper and presentation. Academic reading strategies employed by Arab engineering 
 students in an English- medium tertiary learning environment 
2017 PI Research and Development Conference. Presentation on the classroom use of 
2015 International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. Seville, 
 Spain Nov 2015. Presentation and paper on team teaching in an Engineering Design
2013 International Conference on Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond. 
 Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic. June 2013. Presentation and paper on 
 student perceptions of plagiarism.
2011 The PI Writing Centre: a case study of the start –up process
 The International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference. May 2011.
2010 7
th International European Writing Centers Association Conference, American 
 University of Paris. Presentation on a student-managed writing center.
2009 39th Annual International Frontiers in Education Conference (IEEE, ASEE) 
 San Antonio, USA, Oct 2009. Critical reading-an evaluation of a teaching 
2008 38th Annual International Frontiers in Education Conference (IEEE, ASEE)
 Saratoga, USA, Oct 2008.
 Paper and presentation on engineering report writing.
2007 10th UICEE (UNESCO) Annual International Conference on Engineering .
 Education, Bangkok, Thailand. Mar 2007,
 Paper and presentation on an approach to teaching critical reading and student perceptions of reading 
 skills development.
2006 6
th International TEFL Conference, The ESP Center. Language Institute, 
 Damascus University, Dec 2006.
 Paper and presentation/workshop. Using descriptive assessment rubrics as
 Teaching and learning tools.
 Annual ASEE conference, Chicago, USA June 06
 Paper and presentation. Teaching solar energy awareness to 2
 Engineering students through group projects with Pr.Isoruko Kubo
th UICEE (UNESCO) Annual International Conference, Muscat, Oman. 
 International Quality in Engineering Education. Feb 06. 
 Paper and presentation. Teaching communications skills in a second language 
 engineering environment-an approach.
Teacher training course delivered
2010 Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi. Teacher development for government schoolteachers.
2009 to 2011 British University in Dubai. Master’s in Education. Visiting instructor.
1996 to 1998 ITESM, Mexico. In-house programs on: CLT methodology; Error Analysis; 
 grading as teaching.
1994 University of Valencia. Visiting trainer on the Masters in EFL Pedagogy.
1993 Sheffield Hallam University, England. Observer and assessor of trainee EFL teachers.
1992 University of Sheffield. Teacher training programme for final-year English students from the University 
of Tunis.
1992 University of Valencia, Spain. Visiting trainer on the Masters in EFL Pedagogy
1990 –1993 University of Sheffield, England. In-house programs on CLT; materials selection; pronunciation;
Additional skills/experience
Professional Review Editor of Asian ESP Journal, Review Editor Journal Communication Practices 
Member of the Advisory Board of EDU LEARN (2018). 
Languages Advanced knowledge of spoken and written Spanish.
IT Microsoft Word Suite, On-line teaching (Blackboard, Moodle). Video design, digital 
Others Formal Counseling Training. Diploma in Addiction Therapy/Cognitive Behavioral
 Therapy (Distinction).
Interests Song composition, literature, guitar playing, yoga, swimming, trying to be a better father.
See addendum, page 6.
Find below some comments from KU students I have taught recently.
Dr. David Dalton was amazing! He was always available to help us, and easy to communicate with. Moreover, he provided 
us with all the tools we may need for the course, and our life. He was kind and respected our ideas and opinions. Always 
providing helpful feedback and he displayed enthusiasm for the course and made huge efforts to motivate students. Overall, 
I would give him 10/10. ??
Even if I don’t know my grades yet, I know that I have ended this course with much more information that will help me in 
my educational years.
His knowledge and experience motivated and helped us a lot. He is a good instructor and one of the best Doctors i have 
learned from.
Instructor created an amazing classroom environment, class was interactive and discussions were common, he was the only 
instructor this semester that got me motivated despite my lack of interest in English as a language subject. Only issue is 
grading is too strict for an English 101 course. Grading was fair but still strict.
Professor Dalton not only made the class enjoyable but also improved my writing skills throughout the course. He always 
uploaded a developing text he was working on similar to our assignments, as well as presented teaching aids that would 
help us write the essay, as well as asked students to volunteer in presenting their work (unfinished) to the class so that a 
class discussion could take place and the work could be improved.
Great course, great assignments, sometimes I felt like it was out of scope of the course but fun in the end! Dr. David explains 
the materials like nobody else and straight to the point.
The instructor helped us improve immensely and was careful to be inclusive of everyone. He always answered our questions 
to the maximum capacity and was very understandable with everything he said.
The instructor provides the students with enough skills to improve and develop strong English skills that will carry on with 
them later on in their academic careers. The course sets specific rubrics for each assignment and that is one of the most 
important resources that can be used to score well and better understand.
We have learned a lot from Dr David, such as improving our skills in writing, understanding the tasks well and trying our best 
for the writing assignments.
Thank your Mr. David for your efforts, and appreciate your respect