Dr. Bing Zhou
Dr. bing zhou Associate Professor Earth Sciences

Contact Information
bing.zhou@ku.ac.ae 0502339211


Dr Bing Zhou received his PhD of Geophysics in 1998 from Adelaide University in Australia. In the past 30 years, he worked in different countries as an international academic, i.e. Associate Professor of Chengdu University of Technology in China, Senior Research Fellow of Adelaide University in Australia, Guest Researcher of Lund University in Sedwen, visit8ing researcher of International Center of Theoretical Physics in Italy, ETH in Switzerland and KACST in Saudi Arabia, as well as Adjunct Associate Professor of University of Quebec in Canada. Dr Bing Zhou has also been invited as visiting scholar to seminar or lecture at Vienna University in Austria, Copenhagen University in Denmark, China Petroleum University and Central South University in China. As the PI or CoI, Dr Bing Zhou undertaken totally 15 research projects on developing numerical modelling and inversion techniques for seismology and geophysical exploration, has accumulated into over 140 publications in Chinese, Australian and international journals, given more than 40 oral presentations for international workshops and conferences, and supervised 33 postgraduates. Dr Bing Zhou was a 2011 Best Reviewer for Geophysical Journal International, the co-recipients of 2013 Europe Ludger Mintrop Award, and 2014 Best Paper Awards of IOP Science. Since 2014, he has been an Associate Professor of Khalifa University of Science and Technology in UAE.  

  • PhD, School of Earth Science, Adelaide University, Australia

  • Data Analysis & Geostatistics (PGEG371)
  • Geophysics Internship (PGEG398)
  • MATLAB for Earth Scientists (EPSS300)
  • Reflection Seismology (PGEG312)
  • Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing (PGEG361)
  • Seismic Modelling and Imaging (ERTH714)
  • Senior Research Project (EPSS497)
  • Special Topics in Petroleum Geosciences (PGEG689)


Research Interests
  • Seismic wave modeling, seismic full-waveform inversion, seismic anisotropy, seismic viscoelasticity, resistivity modeling and inversion,

Research Projects

Project 1 

Project 2