College of Engineering Requirements (minimum 23 credits)


  1. Additional Math/Science (minimum 12 credits):

In addition to the 20 credits of Math/Science GERs, a minimum of 12 credits of major-dependent Math/Science courses are required by the College of Engineering.


  1. General Engineering (8 credits):


ENGR 111

Engineering Design        

4 credits

ENGR 112


ENGR 113

Introduction to Computing using C++


Introduction to Computing using Matlab


4 credits


  1. Free Electives (3 credits):

All students must complete at least 3 credits of free electives which are intended to provide students with flexibility to support their career paths and individual interests. They support the development of technical expertise within the student’s disciplines, undergraduate research and independent study opportunities, or a minor outside engineering. They can also be used for an additional Humanities and Social Sciences course or any other course offered by the University such as languages courses and physical education courses.


An Engineering program with a concentration may replace the 3 credits of free electives with a required 3-credit concentration or track course.