Khalifa University is committed to providing a safe environment for visiting individuals and visiting parties such as school excursions. Visitors are responsible for cooperating with KU EHS requirements and not interfering with any aspect of the EHS MS.

It is the intention of Khalifa University to ensure all persons are protected while visiting and/or working in its facilities. Visitor refers to any person who does not normally reside or work in an area and is therefore not familiar with local hazards. This may include:

  •  Persons visiting unfamiliar work areas – whether in their own school/unit or elsewhere.
  •  Contractors, consultants, labor hire, volunteers, work experience students and children of staff and students.

Therefore, KU has developed guidelines that apply to all KU laboratories, workshops and other facilities where visitors may be potentially exposed to risks to their health, safety and welfare.

The purpose of these guidelines is to help standardize and clarify procedures relating to persons visiting facilities at Khalifa University, especially laboratories, workshops and other areas of a moderate to high risk nature. The guidelines will help local area supervisors develop procedures to manage their workplace health, safety and the welfare of visitors.

A record of visitors’ names, purpose and time of arrival and departure will be recorded by the gate security guard in case an emergency situation arises. For visits longer than one day, a more detailed record should be kept including emergency contact details. Staff in the facility visited should be advised of the visitor’s presence, duration of their visit and whether they are working alone. Children must be supervised at all times.

Organizers of special public events such as open days, celebrations or functions are required to undertake a risk assessment for the event.

For more information please refer to the KU Campus Map: