Undergraduate Admissions – Procedure

Undergraduate Admissions - Procedure

Khalifa University applies a certain admission procedure to guarantee the quality of the student body. Therefore, every application should pass the following five stages:



UAE National Students and International Students should make an application online only if they meet the minimum requirements. We only accept completed online applications that include the grades of at least the first high school term.


All completed applications are screened thoroughly against Khalifa University admission requirements. All rejected applicants are notified.


All eligible applicants are invited to sit for a mathematics and physics entry assessment (except for those who are eligible for Exemption from Entry Assessment) and conduct a personal interview. UAE nationals will sit the test and attend the personal interview on the same day; non-UAE nationals will be invited to interview based on the outcome of the entry assessment. Applicants should bring their admission documents to be submitted to the Office of Student Recruitment and Admissions on the same day as the interview.

  • If the applicant does not possess a valid English proficiency certificate, an English admission test will be taken on the same day as the entry assessment.
  • Please click here to see a sample of the entry assessment.


The admission department will make recommendations regarding the qualified applicants through an internal process based on the admission assessments results and high school grades. The duration of this process will vary from one applicant to another based on different factors.


The admission committee will announce the admission decisions in an adequate time prior to the start of the semester. Each accepted applicant will be contacted and sent the admission offer. Rejected candidates will be notified too.

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