Supply Chain and Operations Research Lab Facilities

The Supply Chain and Operations Research Lab serves as a teaching facility to introduce students to modern computing, simulation and visualization tools used for analysis of Logistical, Manufacturing and Service Processes. In addition, the facilities of the lab are used to teach student about different business process and concepts (such as Capacity planning, Inventory management, Supply Chain Coordination, etc.) using competitive business simulators.

The major equipment and software include:

  • 20 state-of-art student workstations
  • 5 interactive screens for visualization of group projects
  • Video wall for broadcasting different materials
  • Different System Engineering, Optimization, Simulation, and Analytics Packages installed on each workstation 

Types of research include:

  • (Big) Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Digitalization of System Processes in Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing
  • Development of Computer Simulation and Digital Twins for systems of different size
  • Analysis and Optimization of Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Production systems