Industrial Visualization Lab Facilities

The Industrial Visualization Lab provides researchers addresses the need for workplaces to develop virtual engineering and plant training capability. visual-based trainingcritical need serves as a teaching facility to introduce students to physical ergonomics and workplace design using equipment that can also be utilized for research.

The major pieces of equipment include:

  • 300WS Driving Simulator (STSIM)
  • Siemens Jack
  • Siemens Process Simulate
  • Kinect motion capture (Microsoft)
  • Inertial motion capture (Synertial)
  • Omni-directional (360) treadmill (Cyberith)
  • Age simulation suit GERT (Wolfgang Moll)
  • Virtual reality head-mounted display (HTC Vive)
  • Immersive 360 environment (ordered)
  • Spherical VR 8K Camera (ordered)

Types of research include:

  • Distracted driving studies using eye-tracking
  • Human performance of Goods-to-Man order picking integrating Synertial Motion Capture Suit with Siemens Jack
  • Skeleton capture to customize anthropometric models in Siemens Jack
  • Walkthrough virtual plant layouts