The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Khalifa University of Science and Technology leverages the research expertise, facilities, and personnel to achieve operational efficiency and synergy in research of relevance to the UAE, with the following mission:

  • To establish and continually evolve collaborative research and development capabilities in the UAE’s priority science and technology domains
  • To achieve global research impact through excellence in research of regional importance

The department’s world-class faculty and researchers guide its undergraduate and graduate students in challenging projects that respond to the UAE’s strategic economic goals. The many research centers feature projects that involve industry, government and other universities working together in pursuit of scientific and technical advancement in sectors of relevance to the UAE’s high-tech knowledge economy. Our faculty and research personnel are also supported by the Masdar Institute, the Petroleum Institute and the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute.

Faculty documents indexed in Scopus (as of June 2020):


Some of our past and current funding sources (other than internal funding):

National Funding – Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi Technology Development Company, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Abu Dhabi Education Council, AL Jalila Foundation, Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology, ICT Fund, Mubadala Technologies, National Research Foundation, Takamul, Strata-Mubadala.

International Funding – Catalyst Fund, Earth Environmental Services WLL, GlobalFoundries, Global Green Growth Institute, KOMIS Consortium, Mascara Nouvelles, MITCAS-Canada Technologies, National Grid-UK, NSERC-Discovery/CRC – Canada, Office of Naval Research-Global, Qatar National Research Fund, Qualcomm, Semiconductor Research Corporation, Terry Fox Foundation, TSB/Advantage W.Midlands, U.S. Airforce, Western Power Distribution Company (South West) PLC.