Dr. Shashikant Patole
Dr. Shashikant Patole Assistant Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Interests

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Shashikant Patole has been associated with Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU) since 2017. Before joining KU, he was entrepreneur and postdoctoral researcher at King Abdulla University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Saudi Arabia. In KAUST, he served as a founding member of ‘Laboratory for Carbon Nanostructures’ and co-founder of ‘Graphene Crystal’ Startup Company.

Dr. Patole earned his PhD at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, South Korea in Nano Science and Technology in 2010. After a first class BSc in Science, at University of Pune (UoP), India he earned M.Sc. in Physics, M.Phil. in Physics and postgraduate professional teaching degree B.Ed. with special teaching methods in Science and Mathematics at UoP.

He started his professional teaching career in physics at National Defense Academy, Khadkwasla India in 2006. He served as Assistant Research Professor at SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology, and Research Professor at Advanced Materials Science and Engineering in SKKU, South Korea. In SKKU South Korea, he worked for world-leading companies including Samsung, KANEKA Corporation and LG Innotek. Dr. Shashikant Patole’s research interests embrace condensed matter physics, nano science and technology, development and commercialization of advanced quantum materials, structural composites, membranes, energy, optoelectronics, electron field emission, photovoltaics, and microscopy. He is acting reviewer for several AIP, ACS, IOP, Wiley, RSC, Springer and Elsevier etc. journals.

Dr. Patole was awarded Gold Medal (Best Student Award) by SKKU, Bronze Medal in Samsung Human-Tech Thesis Prize by Samsung, Silver Medal BK21, by SKKU, and Subramanian Prize by Department of Physics, UoP. He is a member of professional organizations viz. Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, Indian Physics Association, IEEE, Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, and Materials Research Society, and adventure organizations viz. Aero Club of India, Deolali Gliding Club, and Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

  • PhD, Nanoscience, SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT), Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea), 2010
  • MPhil, Physics, Department of Physics, University of Pune (India), 2005
  • MSc, Physics, Department of Physics, University of Pune (India), 2003
  • BSc, Science, University of Pune (India), 2000
  • BEd with special teaching methods in Science and Mathematics, University of Pune (India), 2003
Teaching Areas
  • University Physics I and II
  • Solid State Physics
  • Optics
  • Physics of Human Body and Biophysics
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Techniques
Research Interests
  • Development and commercialization of advanced quantum materials for sustainable energy and environment
  • Carbon nanotubes, graphene and other 2D materials in membrane technology, structural composites and energy
  • Optoelectronics, electron field emission and photovoltaic
  • Aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy