Research Universities Key to a Low-Carbon World According To Renowned MIT Academic Professor, Prof. Ernest Moniz

September 21, 2018

Prof. Ernie Moniz, Director of the Energy Initiative, and Director of the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has praised Abu Dhabi’s unique vision for developing a knowledge based economy alongside it’s wealth of natural resources.

Speaking at a public lecture hosted by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology – entitled ‘Clean Energy Technology and Policy: A Post-Copenhagen View’, Prof. Moniz, an advisor to President Obama of the United States of America, advised the large gathering that innovative technology will drive the shift towards a low-carbon world, with research universities such as Masdar Institute holding the key.

 Addressing over two hundred scientists, academics, professors, industrial researchers, corporate leaders and government officials, Prof. Moniz explained that Abu Dhabi was focusing in on the exact priorities that would make a difference to mitigating climate change;

“As a result of COP15 the world is closer to mitigating climate. But we must accelerate the transformation of the energy marketplace significantly if we are to meet prudent climate change risk mitigation goals, energy demand and enhance energy security.”  

 “An accelerated response must be technology led. As in Abu Dhabi, governments need to invest in R&D that can lead to breakthroughs in cost reduction for low-carbon energy, as reducing costs and improving efficiency are two barriers which must be overcome as a priority. Research universities and institutions such as MIT and Masdar Institute are ecosystems of innovation, critical if we are to prevail over the world’s current energy challenges.”

 Citing Abu Dhabi and Masdar Institute, Prof. Moniz commended the visionary approach towards a strong knowledge and resourced based economy through a wide portfolio of energy pathways being researched and developed in the Emirate.

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