Portable Glucose Sensor Could Improve Diabetes Treatment

November 8, 2020

Researchers at Khalifa University’s System-on-Chip Center have filed a patent for a novel low-cost glucose sensor that can measure glucose at neutral pH conditions, resulting in a lower-cost and more compact device.

A research group led by Dr. Heba Abunahla, Postdoctoral Fellow of Electrical Computer Engineering at KU’s System on Chip Center (SoCC), has developed a novel low-cost non-enzymatic glucose sensor for adults. While glucose sensors are not revolutionary in themselves, the distinguishing property of this sensor is its ability to measure glucose at neutral pH conditions. The sensor is the result of a cooperative effort with faculty from the departments of Chemistry (Dr. Maguy Abi Jaoude), Mechanical Engineering (Dr. Anas Alazzam), and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qutayri and Dr. Baker Mohammad).

Read full story here: https://www.ku.ac.ae/portable-glucose-sensor-could-improve-diabetes-treatment