NeuroMem: Mimicking the Synapses in the Human Brain

November 8, 2020

Computer scientists have long been inspired by the human brain, aiming to design a computer that is able to store, retrieve and process information just as efficiently as the brain. The memristor, short for memory resistor, could be the key to designing such a computer as it processes information in a way that mimics the brain’s synapses and enables efficient neural network architecture. 

A team from Khalifa University has now developed a new type of flexible memristor device, called ‘NeuroMem’, that will extend the application of memristors to flexible electronic technologies like wearable smart devices. The team, including Dr. Baker Mohammad, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the System on Chip Center (SoCC), Dr. Heba Abunahla, Research Scientist, Dr. Yasmin Halawani, Postdoctoral fellow, and Dr. Anas Alazzam, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, published their findings recently in Scientific Reports.

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