Khalifa University Research Team Develops New Portable Cost-Effective PCR Test To Help Detect COVID-19 in 45 Minutes

November 8, 2020

A team of researchers from Khalifa University has developed a portable Covid-19 testing kit, no larger than your average smartphone. The new kit is both portable and can deliver the results in 45 minutes only.

Dr. Anas Alazzam, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and member of the System on Chip Center (SOCC) is the primary investigator for the project with Dr. Habiba AlSafar, Director of the Khalifa University Center for Biotechnology and Associate Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology, as co-principal investigator. The research team includes the Postdoctoral Researchers Dr. Waqas Waheed and Dr. Sueda Saylan, along with Research Associate Hussein Kannout.

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