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Chemistry Professor Joins RSC CrystEngComm Journal Advisory Board

August 25, 2021

Dr. Sharmarke Mohamed, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has been appointed as a member of the advisory board of CrystEngComm, a Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journal that focuses on the design and understanding of crystalline materials. 


This new appointment highlights Dr. Mohamed’s expertise as well as the progress of research in materials science in the UAE. “I am excited to join the advisory board of the RSC journal, CrystEngComm. The journal has established itself as the home of crystal engineering research and continues to publish the spectrum of research in this field, ranging from the purely theoretical to the purely experimental. I am currently one of only two professors from the UAE who have been appointed to the board of the journal. I plan to use my new role to bring better visibility to materials science research in the UAE,” Dr. Mohamed commented. 


He added: “My appointment to the board reflects the increasing visibility that materials science research from the UAE is now starting to receive. The UAE has made significant investments in scientific research since I joined KU in 2014. With the recent introduction of a PhD in Science program at KU and the significant investments we have made in recent years in analytical instruments to support materials science research, I expect we will continue to have an upward trajectory in the quality of materials science research we are producing at KU and more broadly in the UAE.”


Dr. Mohamed was also recently recognized as a 2021 Emerging Investigators by the American Chemical Society journal Crystal Growth and Design in the area of crystal growth and design. One of 24 researchers from nine countries, Dr. Mohamed has received international recognition for his research achievements and growing reputation in his field. 


At Khalifa University, Dr. Mohamed is the PI of the Green Chemistry & Materials Modelling (GCMM) Laboratory, and helped to establish the Emirates Crystallographic Society (ECS). He currently serves as its vice president.  He is also the Treasurer at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Chapter in the UAE. In his capacity as Vice President of the ECS, Dr. Mohamed represents the UAE as the voting councillor at the executive committees of both the European Crystallographic Association and the International Union of Crystallography. 


To be considered an Emerging Investigator, a researcher must be a research group leader with less than 10 years of independent research. Dr. Mohamed leads a research group engaged in interdisciplinary research covering green chemistry, materials modelling, and experimental crystallization research. Dr. Mohamed’s latest research paper has been particularly highlighted for its impact and state-of-the-art progress in the field. 


“I am grateful for the academic freedoms and support that the KU leadership has provided during my time here. Our greatest strength as a university is our diversity. This diversity is reflected in our students and faculty which hail from all corners of the world. But this diversity is also reflected in the quality of the scientific research we are producing,” Dr. Mohamed noted. 


Ara Maj Cruz
Creative Writer
25 August 2021