Major/career exploration
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The Career Services Office is here to help you discover your full potential in the professional world. We offer a wide range of services that will ultimately help you find success beyond Khalifa University. We support students explore personal and career interests, recognize strengths and opportunities, apply for internships and jobs, prepare for interviews, and learn about the professional world. We work collaboratively with employers, alumni, faculty, and other colleagues to help educate students about the dynamic world of work. Check out all that we offer and connect with us today.

Major/Career Exploration

Are you in process of declaring your major? Are you exploring career paths? Career Service Office is the right place to approach and start your journey. Our Career Advisors will be able to assist you while you explore majors, discover options and select professions that match your values, interests and abilities. If you are an open-option student, changing majors, or just want to explore what job options are available with your degree, stop by and talk to one of our career advisors.

Guidelines of the process

If you are wondering where to start, visit the pages below learn more about a potential major:



The guides above can help you:

  • Learn about the various academic options available to you
  • Check if courses look interesting to you as you explore majors
  • Gain a general understanding of the major requirements and prepare your questions before meeting with your academic advisor


Remember: Your academic advisor should be a point of reference when making any decision. They are here to offer you their guidance through your program. They have the most up-to-date information on any program requirements to ensure you have a complete understanding of the major.


What else can assist you explore!

Career Services Office has created a Major Declaration Course on Blackboard for all students, who are about to start the major declaration process. The purpose of the course is to help students establish a plan of action.  The course will be accessible once you are identified as “ready to declare”. The course will allow you to:

  • Test your personality and career interest skills
  • Explore useful resources to learn about different programs offered at KU
  • Attend the Majors Day Event to explore further options
  • View all past recordings of Q&A session with faculty from all academic departments to find answers for possible question you have in mind
  • Meet with Career Advisors, Academic Advisors, or Counselors to seek assistance
  • Write your personal statement, which identifies your personality and interest and why they decide to choose specific major
  • Finally, submit your major declaration request


Remember, while you are exploring majors, Career Advisors, are here to help at any point in the process.

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Career library
Welcome to Career Library!

The Career library resources is an online collection of recommended assessments, e-articles and online videos.  The purpose of these collections is to help you gain the required knowledge, boost your skills and explore yourself to be able to take informative decisions about your study and future career.

We advise you to have frequent visits to this page as there will always be new helpful collection of resources for you!

Career Development Articles

Recommended Online Videos

Free Self-Assessments

There are many self-assessments available that are offered through a variety of online resources that you can use to learn more about yourself and your career options.

Internship Program
Internship Program

The internship is a graduation requirement for undergraduate programs at Khalifa University. It is a period of work placement conducted with an appropriately selected organization. It requires students to undertake a tailored and mapped work plan to match the content covered in the student's program of study. Internships allow students to observe and participate in professional environments. They are also a great way to explore how interests are relate to possible careers. The internship is very important source to gain skills required for future jobs.

Students in the College of Engineering are required to complete sixteen weeks of internship placement for two credits, this can be taken over two summer semesters, or in one regular (Fall/Spring) semester given that the student has completed all the required courses as per his/her degree plan. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to complete eight weeks of internship placement for one credit, this can be taken in one summer semester, or in one regular (Fall/Spring) semester given that the student has completed all the required courses as per his/her degree plan.

Khalifa University works collaboratively with a number of international organizations from various industries in different countries to secure proper international internship placements for KU students. International internships offer great experience and exposure to worldwide industries and best practices. Selected students are encouraged to make the most out of this experience, which is not only academically fulfilling but also life changing. The experience makes a student's CV and personality stand out from the crowd. Career Services Office facilitates the internship program and supports students with fair opportunities and relevant placements, as well as promoting KU students to leading organizations.

Aim of the Internship

The overall aim of internship is to:

  • Link the conceptual and analytical abilities developed during the degree course with their wider practical applications in the industry
  • Give students a sound base for professional development and master soft skills such as communication, punctuality, problem solving, critical thinking and time management 
  • Ensure that graduates of Khalifa University gain needed industrial experience and exposure before applying for their first job after graduation
  • Gain a valuable experience with potential and future employers in the market

Tips and Advice

Symplicity is a Career Management System (CMS) dedicated to connect students with employers and internship providers. It is a tool that supports the internship facilitation process. This system allows employers to post their internship offers and target particular students from specific majors. It allows students to view and apply to available opportunities. The system supports the selection process of employers and allows them to have easy access to students’ profiles and official documents necessary for the screening process. When the students become eligible for the internship, the Career Services Office grants them access to the system.

Internship fair

The Internship Fair is dedicated to internship students who are supposed to take their internship in the summer. The goal of this fair is twofold: 

  1. Give employers a dedicated platform to offer concrete internship opportunities to final year students. 
  2. Meet and interact with UAE Nationals and Non-UAE Nationals students eager to gain a much needed industrial experience to link their conceptual and analytical abilities developed during the degree course with their wider practical applications in the industry.

This fair allows students to identify and apply for suitable placements for summer internship.

Local and International Internship

The Career Services Office provides students with a variety of options to secure internships inside and outside the UAE. The Office builds strong and long lasting partnerships with many organizations from the government, semi-government, and private sectors. It works collaboratively with a number of organizations from various industries in different countries around the globe to secure proper internship placements for KU distinguished students. International internships are very limited and competitive. Students willing to gain international exposure need to meet the selection criteria. Information about internship opportunities and internship hosting organizations are announced by the Office through the Internship Portal.

Other Official internship Websites

  • My Future by the Human Resources Authority

An integrated electronic platform that serves employers, job seekers, educational institutions and enrolled students. It will support students to find internship opportunities offered by UAE-based organizations.  Stay tuned!

  • MOE Internship Portal by the Ministry of Education

The portal connects Emirati students with internship opportunities at some of the UAE’s most prestigious private sector companies. The Ministry hopes to attract motivated high-performing national Emirati undergraduates to these companies to give them opportunities to improve their skills and discover knowledge economy industries. Read more about the portal and students eligibility HERE.

Experiential Learning Symposium

Did you participate in an extraordinary internship experience? Would you like to share your story and experience with other KU students? Experiential Learning Symposium is the right place to share and inspire others.

If you are interested to participate, please connect with the Center of Teaching and Learning through

Internship Documents

The Internship Handbook acts as a guiding manual for understanding the requirements and processes when applying for and attending an internship. You may access the Internship Handbook from HERE.

Internship Testimonials

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Career Guidance
Career Guidance

The Career Guidance system aims to nurture all KU students starting from day one and empower them with lifelong success through self-awareness, self-direction, and life skills to set feasible career goals and interests, connect with their career plans, and to continually learn and add value to the workforce and industries in the market. The Career Guidance program bridges the gap between education and career readiness through number of events and activities including, but not limited to, the Career Development Courses, face to face career advising, inspirational talks, and offering of career-related workshops to help students develop the right mindset. These events and workshops have direct impact on students as they learn how to become the best possible marketable job candidates. All students can benefit from career guidance program provided by the Career Services Office, whether they need support to choose the correct major, write an effective resume, excel at interviews or develop future career plan. Through this program we aim to:

  1. Guide students through the self-assessment phase to make the right decision in choosing the right program of study suitable for their future and aspired careers
  2. Contribute to the readiness of student employability in the market and their future career goals
  3. Empower students with knowledge and information about the workforce, industries by building their network with employers in the field
  4. Assist students in developing their career goals and formulate strategies to meet set goals
Career Advising
Career Advising

Book your appointment with our Career Advisors though NAVIGATE if you are exploring your options, declaring a major, looking for an internship/job, or considering further studies. We can help you put a plan in place!

We can give you advice on:

  • Major exploration
  • Career exploration and planning
  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Interview preparation
  • Further education
  • Internship/job searching

Our Career Advisors availability have been setup on Navigate. Kindly login to Navigate to book your appointment.

Career Development Course
Career Development Course

The course is a prerequisite for the internship program. The purpose of this course is to assist students with the core skills required to be ready for the world of work. These skills are needed for employment in the market, and based on what employers and industries are looking for to bridge the gap between education, prospective internship placement and future employability. The course focuses on self- awareness, career track, explore options, goal setting and action plan, self-marketing tolls, job search strategies, mock interviews, and career coaching.

Experiential Learning Course
Experiential Learning Course

This course is a different approach to work placement. It aims to equip learners with further set of skills gained through action and situated learning through a short term work experience placement. The purpose of this course is to further strengthen student core skills through an innovative hands-on approach to learning by completing a minimum of 2 week work placement of their choice. This course entails a hands-on approach where learning is through experience that moves beyond the classroom and strives to bring a more involved way of practical learning and application of life skills. To learn more about the course and explore available opportunities, please contact the Career Services Office.

Career Workshops
Career Workshops

Career workshops provide educational opportunities for students to learn about important career readiness skills and topics. Workshops are delivered either by Career Services staff members or experts from the industry. These workshops cover topics including resume writing, interview techniques, navigating career and internship fairs, exploring majors, and career planning to name a few. Kindly refer to the Career Services events calendar to find upcoming workshops open to all students.

Career Events
Career Events

Career and Alumni Services organizes number of events that support students and graduates in their career plans. Some of these events are:

Majors Day

This event is designed to give an insight about the different majors offered at KU to help students in their first year to explore information on KU undergraduate offered majors. The event brings together students and faculty so the students can explore the various majors, and to engage with and collect as much as possible information about the programs. The students will also have the opportunity to talk to other senior students who have already in these majors, and become better informed to make the best decision for their immediate and future plans. It’s student’s opportunity to ask good questions before taking their decisions.

Career Fair

Each year, Career Services Office organizes an exclusive event for KU students and graduates who are looking to make good career-related decisions. The event provides the ideal forum for employers to meet a large number of students in a few hours to promote their job vacancies and internships. Students and graduates should be able to learn about organizations in different sectors and industries and to apply to relevant opportunities. On the other side, employers should be able to create a clear impression about KU students/graduates and possibly target potential candidates. This Career Fair creates a mutual links between upcoming graduates and potential employers from government, semi-government and private sector organizations. Click here to read more about the annual Career Fair.

Internship Fair

The Internship Fair is dedicated to internship students who are supposed to take their internship in the summer. The goal of this fair is twofold: 

  1. Give employers a dedicated platform to offer concrete internship opportunities to final year students. 
  2. Meet and interact with UAE Nationals and Non-UAE Nationals students, eager to gain a much needed industrial experience to link their conceptual and analytical abilities developed during the degree course with their wider practical applications in industry.

This fair allows students to identify/ apply for suitable placements for summer internship.

Inspirational Talk by Alumni

A talk about tapping into the human experience, where our alumni inspire students through their alumni success stories. Students are able to see differently from new angles of success, and find motivation and their true desire to be a catalyst for positive change in their study, work and life.

Employer Day on Campus

Career and Alumni Services collaborates with various organizations to deliver series of workshops and info sessions presented about these organizations throughout the year. The aim is to contribute to students’ job market knowledge and educate students about available opportunities like part-time or full-time jobs, internships or sponsorship. This kind of event allows organization to offer talks, presentations, and sessions on selected topics around industry related subjects, employability, and Emiratization.

Career Bootcamp

The Career Bootcamp is a learning series offered in partnership with experts from different industries. During the Bootcamp, graduating students and alumni learn more about job market trends & challenges, develop personal branding & employability skills, understand the future of work, and much more. It gives students the tools they need to take charge of their career.

Inspirational Talk by Industry Leaders

The Career Services Office hosts motivational speeches by industry leaders that encourage and inspire students and graduates to take action or make changes that will make their lives better. It provides them with important knowledge that drives them to plan and achieve their life and career goals by presenting effective systems and successful examples.

Employers Engagement Events

In order to prepare Khalifa University students with good understanding of the industry and market needs throughout their years of study, the Career Services Office works closely with different government and private organizations in hosting career related sessions and events including info sessions about the organizations, career workshops, recruitment events, etc. Employers also participate in annual major events organized by the Career Services Office such as the Career Fair, Internship Fair, and the Career Bootcamp.

Relationship Building with the Industry
Relationship Building with the Industry

Building strong connection with partners from industry is part of the Office mission to prepare KU students, across their years of study with career related engagements, and industry exposure to transition into the workforce with a good understanding of the industry and market needs. Bringing early networking and connecting students to industry demands, and what they are looking for in a fresh grad is part of preparing students for employability in the market. Fostering relationship building of KU students with industry and maximize our graduates’ contributions to the Abu Dhabi, UAE economy, and development of advanced energy technologies. Career Services constantly works to build and maintain meaningful relationships with industry leaders which greatly support Khalifa University students and graduates in their search for internships, job opportunities and other possible types of student-company engagement. We highly believe in the necessity for academia and industry to collaborate to keep up to date with rapidly changing industry requirements.

Industrial Visits
Industrial Visits

Students are encouraged to make industrial visits that are planned in collaboration with Academic Departments to leading organizations throughout the academic year. These visits are usually the student’s first opportunity to see how theory is applied and to consider their career path. They also provide prospective employers with an opportunity to meet the University’s future graduates. It provides students with an insight about the corporate world and how does the internal work in a company look like. It offers practical real-world perspective on different functions in organizations. We aim through these field trips to put the theoretical knowledge into practice for students to make successful professional career.