Our Mission
Our Mission
Empower and inspire our students to confidently pursue their career goals.
Our Objectives
Our Objectives

Khalifa University’s Career and Alumni Services aim to maximize students’ engagement with educational and market-oriented experiences contributing to their learning and development and academic success. The Office strives to help students identify academic majors, develop career plans and goals, and improve readiness for employability.

We aim to:
  • Educate and empower students to develop, implement, and continuously evaluate their academic and career goals
  • Facilitate students transition to employees
  • Maximize opportunities for students to develop connections with potential employers
  • Provide career development and networking opportunities
  • Help students and alumni develop soft skills by offering career related workshops and, strengthen their self- marketing tools whilst expanding their market knowledge base through a better understanding of the available job search strategies
Staff Directory
Staff Directory
Maryam Alkindi Manager of Career Services Office #: E03052
Dr. Ayman Mostafa Career and Internship Services Senior Officer Office #: E03029
Hammam Abujaber Career and Internship Services Senior Officer Office #: E03025
Sultan Al Mazrouei Alumni Senior Specialist Office #: E03050
Bashayer Al Hammadi Career and Internship Services Officer Office #: E03027
Fatima Ghazwan Career and Internship Services Officer Office #: E03026
Amjed Alkendi Alumni Relations Specialist Office #: E03030
Mohammed Bassam Employer Services Officer Office #: E03027
Let's Connect
Let's Connect