• What is your current position?

I’m a Senior Non-proliferation Engineer working at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.

  • Why is a KU Alumni Association important?

It creates a link between KU graduates and the university community. In addition, it offers networking opportunities, which can engage all graduates with established professionals and help them pursue career changes.

  • What motivated you to run for a position in the alumni association?

KU played a significant role in shaping my personality and my skills as an engineer. Being part of the KU association is a way of giving back to the University.

  • What specific goals or initiatives do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?

I would like to play a part in the following areas:

  • Reunion and networking.
  • Creating more job opportunities.
  • Promoting KU graduates as role models.
  • How do you plan to foster stronger connections between alumni and current students?
  • By hosting events that gather them all.
  • Creating a series of live interviews with success stories of previous graduates.
  • What experiences or skills do you bring to the alumni association that you believe will be valuable in your role?
  • I was part of many initiatives like the happiness and wellbeing group of my organization.
  • I was part of the sustainable development goals youth advisory team.

These roles helped me become proficient in generating ideas and being part of successful projects.

  • How do you envision the alumni association contributing to the overall growth and development of the university?

The Alumni Association plays an important role as it represents the graduates’ concerns and challenges to the university, helping shape a better future for the next generations of graduates and collaboratively creating solutions to support current graduates.

  • Anything else would you like to add? (Tips for existing students, something about the University, etc..)

I’m a proud KU Alumni and you should be too.