• What is your current position?

Team leader, Technical Applications in ADNOC Refining.

  • Why is a KU Alumni Association important?

Our esteemed alumni possess unparalleled potential to soar to unprecedented heights in their professional endeavors, forging an indomitable path towards success. They have the remarkable ability to cultivate a robust foundation of knowledge exchange, fostering an environment of unwavering trust. Moreover, they possess an enduring and steadfast network, ensuring long-term sustainability and stability. The association must ensure that these benefits are duly realized and effectively capitalized upon.

  • What motivated you to run for a position in the alumni association?

Observing the remarkable achievements of my esteemed alumni has ignited within me an insatiable hunger for greater success. Our utmost priority is to foster a sense of unity and solidarity, as we strive to establish ourselves as the preeminent and unrivaled community in the United Arab Emirates, renowned for our unwavering trustworthiness and unparalleled reliability in the fields of engineering and science.

  • What specific goals or initiatives do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?

Our primary objective is to foster a cohesive and collaborative environment that brings together our esteemed alumni, enabling them to connect on both social and scientific fronts. By uniting our alumni community, we can collectively strive towards shared objectives, working together to achieve remarkable outcomes.

  • How do you plan to foster stronger connections between alumni and current students?

By leveraging the power of our esteemed alumni, we have successfully disseminated the inspiring tales of triumph and accomplishment within our community. In addition to elucidating the trials encountered in the nascent phases of their professional journeys, kindly expound upon the strategies employed to surmount said obstacles.  

  • What experiences or skills do you bring to the alumni association that you believe will be valuable in your role?

Optimism, a bird’s eye view, empowering the weakest person in the group, active listening, focusing on teamwork rather than working individually, and defining long and short-term goals for each student.

  • How do you envision the alumni association contributing to the overall growth and development of the university?

The esteemed alumni association is committed to imparting its invaluable best practices, extensive knowledge, and profound expertise garnered over many illustrious years of professional experience to our esteemed university.

  • Anything else would you like to add? (Tips for existing students, something about the University, etc..)

As we forge ahead, let us steadfastly pursue exponential growth, relentlessly empowering even the most fragile of connections within our university. And let us never cease in our commitment to continuous learning, knowledge is the key to our enduring success. A book, when diligently read, summarized, and thoughtfully integrated into our lives, has the remarkable potential to condense five years of work experience.