• What is your current position? 

I work for Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) as the Information and Cybersecurity Operations Director.

  • Why is a KU Alumni Association important?

It is very important as it provides the right platform to promote networking opportunities, career services, and a way to stay connected with the university.

  • What motivated you to run for a position in the alumni association?

Having been a part of KU for almost 15 years and graduating with Triple alumni status, I feel a strong sense of gratitude towards KU. I’m eager to give back by sharing knowledge and opportunities through networking with fellow alumni and professionals.

I’m deeply passionate about the KU’s mission and aspire to play an active role in furthering its goals and objectives, drawing inspiration from past alumni association leaders and their accomplishments. I feel a genuine sense of belonging to the alumni community and aim to strengthen connections among fellow graduates. My sincere desire is to contribute to the betterment of the alumni community, by creating positive changes and spark meaningful initiatives.

  • What specific goals or initiatives do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?

As the Alumni President, my specific goals would vary depending on the needs and priorities of the alumni association. These goals include strengthening alumni engagement, increasing alumni participation and engagement with the association by organizing regular events, reunions, and networking opportunities.

Additionally, I aim to build stronger connections with current students, facilitating opportunities to support them through mentorship, internships, or guest speaker programs. I will work closely with the alumni board, members, and other stakeholders to develop action plans, allocate resources effectively, and measure progress toward achieving these goals. Flexibility and adaptability are essential.

  • How do you plan to foster stronger connections between alumni and current students?

To improve communication channels between the alumni association and its members, we will utilize newsletters, social media, and other platforms to keep them informed about events, achievements, and opportunities.

Additionally, we will establish mentorship initiatives, enabling experienced alumni to provide guidance and support to current students or recent graduates. Furthermore, we aim to launch platforms that involve past alumni in current initiatives that benefit the institution and its students. Planning reunions and gatherings will be instrumental in bringing together alumni from various graduating classes and recognizing their achievements and contributions.