Young Future Energy Leaders Attend European Future Energy Forum 2011 in Geneva

September 21, 2018

YFEL Members Selected through ‘Case Study Competition’ to Assess Critical Thinking Skills

Geneva-Switzerland/Abu Dhabi-UAE: 10 October, 2011 – Masdar Institute of Science of Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technology, today announced that a team of 14 members from the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program are interacting and networking with global industry leaders at the European Future Energy Forum (EFEF) 2011 in Geneva.

Organized in association with Masdar, the third edition of the EFEF annual conference and exhibition opened today at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. Themed ‘Making Innovation Happen for a Sustainable World’, this year’s event has gathered international businesses, industry stakeholders, organizations and government leaders to discuss key issues related to renewable energy. EFEF 2011 will conclude on 12 October.

The 14 YFEL members were selected following a ‘case study competition’ that was focused on solar energy. The competition was designed to assess YFEL members’ critical thinking skills and ability to understand the link between technology and policy in the renewable energy industry.

The chosen YFEL members are scheduled to attend all the plenary and interactive sessions as well as the Ideas-Storm that cover topics including innovation, policy and regulation, finance, infrastructure and energy mix. They will visit the stands of various companies participating in the cleantech exhibition and attend a presentation and Q&A session by Jerry Stokes, President of Suntech Europe. Suntech is one of the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) solar module manufacturers and a leader in combining technology and manufacturing scale to significantly increase performance and reduce the cost of solar electricity.

The EFEF 2011 is expected to provide YFEL members with an avenue to expand the scope of their knowledge in the renewable energy industry and enrich themselves to be able to carry out future roles as industry professionals.

Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh said: “By engaging with industry leaders at the EFEF, the select group of YFEL members will achieve valuable experience and knowledge that will enable them to become effective decision-makers of tomorrow in advanced energy and sustainable technology. The forum in Geneva offers the right opportunity for YFEL members to additionally hone their skills and help gain confidence to interact with high-profile government leaders of the industry.”

Dr. Lamya N. Fawwaz, Executive Director of Public Affairs at Masdar Institute, said: “The YFEL programme aims to engage them and raise the awareness of students and young professionals in the fields of advanced energy and sustainable technology. By offering them an opportunity to attend events such as EFEF, we enable them to network with decision-makers in the corporate world and the government sector. The event is part of Masdar Institute’s efforts to mentor and nurture YFEL members and to make them effective leaders of tomorrow.”

Zainab Al Ali, Outreach Officer and Coordinator of the YFEL, Masdar Institute, said: “Our presence in EFEF 2011 is part of the year-long program that includes leadership, policy and technical courses offered to members. Such events help YFEL members network effectively with top officials and business leaders. A schedule of activities has been provided to the members to make networking more convenient during the event. We are confident that through their participation in the event, they will expand their knowledge in advanced energy and sustainable technology.”

Asiya Al Ali, YFEL member and a young professional from Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS), said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be part of such a global event. My participation in earlier local and overseas YFEL events has given me fresh academic and business perspectives that proved professionally valuable. I believe this experience will enrich all members.”

Part of the Masdar Institute’s Outreach Program, YFEL offers young professionals and students from the UAE and abroad an opportunity to become more engaged in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – energy efficiency and climate change. It also aims to bring young professionals closer to government representatives, business leaders and other organizations active in the area of alternative energy and sustainability.