UAE High School Students Earn College Credit and Gain Key Soft Skills at Khalifa University’s Dual Credit Program

June 28, 2022

Twenty talented UAE high school students took courses at Khalifa University during the Spring 2022 semester, earning college credit that can be used for undergraduate admissions, through the Khalifa University Dual Credit Program. The program is in collaboration with Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE), the main entity that manages and operates government/public schools in order to advance the education sector in line with UAE objectives. 


Launched in August 2020, the Dual Credit program allows outstanding high school students from grades 11 and 12 to earn credit for Bachelor-level courses. The University’s 4+1 Accelerated Program also allows Bachelor’s students to earn credit for Master’s level courses. The programs aim to bridge the gap between educational levels, providing an opportunity for exceptional students to obtain their degrees within a shorter duration. 


The Dual Credit Program gives high school students an opportunity to fulfill their potential and provides them with the tools they need to succeed in life and in college. 


The high school students participating in the program took college-level English or Calculus, taught by KU’s world-class faculty and instructors. The classes opened students’ minds to college opportunities, and taught them important soft skills, such as time management, in addition to technical knowledge. 


Following are some of the students’ testimonials about the program: 


Nawari Alhmoudi

I benefited greatly from the program. I learned how to stay organized and improve my writing. It taught me that I can do things I think are impossible and that people will make mistakes, but they can learn from them and move on.


Alghalya Alshehhi

I have grown quite a lot from this program. I was afraid of the whole university experience at first – meeting new people much older than me, studying subjects that I thought were far beyond my scope; but I quickly learned there was nothing to fear. The program helped me realize that I am the only person limiting my own potential, and I do not need someone holding my hand every step of the way to achieve my goals. I learned how to organize my time between high school and classes. I learned to be more professional and how to behave in an unfamiliar environment. I am already starting to use the skills and lessons learned in my classes in my day-to-day life. It was overall a very fun experience, and the course instructors are brilliant, inspiring people.


Shahad Abdullah Alnaqbi

The program is so beneficial. I improved in calculus and received better marks in school. At first, I was struggling with managing my time, but I eventually learned how to balance my university and high school courses.


Mahra Maher Ahmad Albastaki

I would like to thank KU for giving us the opportunity to participate in the Dual Credit Program. I’m happy to say that I’m doing great in this program, everything is clear from the professors and the university. I gained a lot of skills and learned how to be independent. I also improved my performance in timed question skills, and now I can solve questions much faster than before.


Shahad Zaid

I enrolled in the English course, where we learned how to write research papers academically without plagiarizing. It helped with my high school studies as it improved my writing skills significantly. In school, we must write a research paper about a particular topic, and because of this program, this assignment has been much easier for me to do.


Shaikah Fayez Ahmed Alnaqbi

This program is helpful because it teaches students what university classes are like and helps them learn how to manage their time. I learned how to use my time wisely and balance school homework and university classes. My English writing has improved so much since the start of the course. I have been using more vocabulary in my writing and adding resources from other articles to prove a statement. Talking in class and interacting with the teacher and my classmates has improved my speaking and boosted my self-confidence. It has only been eight weeks, but I have learned so much.


 Rashid Arif Alzaabi

The dual credit program has helped me improve myself in many ways. It showed me how classes and assignments are handled in a university. The program also expanded my knowledge in many aspects. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is about how time management plays a big role in success. Through this program I was able to explore subjects and programs that truly interest me. I liked the staff at KU; they are amazing in their teaching, and I have learned so many things in programming and academic writing. This experience will give me a head start when I enroll into the university since I will get credit on the courses I took. The dual credit program has helped me envision my future goals and plans. Having future plans enables me to set a pathway for my future, keeps me motivated and gives me inspiration. My experience overall was very positive, and I am forever indebted to this program.


Shamma Abdalla Alkaabi

There are many benefits that I gained from the Dual Credit Program. I learned how to write essays in a more professional way. I learned how to manage my time, organize, and balance my school and university studying schedule. I have noticed many improvements in myself, including my writing skills. Another thing is that I have become more organized in many different ways and everyone in my home has noticed that.


Razan Yazeed

Overall, my experience with the Dual Credit Program is wonderful. On a personal level, I gained many skills in addition to academic benefits. For instance, I learned time management, how to balance between school, family, and the program, and most importantly, how to get out of my comfort zone, cross my limits, and break boundaries. Moreover, taking a university Bachelor-level course while pursuing high school made me experience the standards of learning required of university-level students. Meanwhile, the support staff (IT, registration, and outreach team) always listened to our queries and concerns and dealt with them fairly. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this amazing program.


Khalifa Sulaiman Alshamsi

I learned a lot from taking this stimulating course, which contributed not only to my academic growth, but to my spiritual growth as a person who seeks knowledge. My overall experience has been amazing. The course and program overall have provided me with several opportunities to grow and explore my skills.  The course provided a positive and healthy environment, and the teachers are highly supportive.