Spring Term Orientation for Newly Admitted Students

September 21, 2018


A total of 41 local and international students attended a two-day Spring 2016 term orientation program, learning about Masdar Institute’s overall academic and campus offerings. Fifty-three local and international students had been offered admissions for the term.
Dr. Behjat Al Yousuf, Interim Provost, welcomed the students and urged them to contribute effectively to the development of sustainable solutions to energy and climate challenges. The initial opening remarks were provided by Dr. Amal Al Ghaferi, Interim Dean of Student Life, while Dr. Mohamed Sassi, Interim Dean of Faculty, offered an overview of the research-based institution. Dr. Youssef Shatilla, Dean of Academic Programs, gave the students an insight into the academic programs.
Various representatives from Facilities, Outreach,  Safety and Security, Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program, Student Government Affairs (SGA), Microscopy Facility, Career Services Office (CSO) and Alumni Office, Student Affairs Office (SAO), Office of Academic programs, Office of Faculty, Registrar Office, ICT, and others explained the various offerings and services available to students at Masdar Institute. Later, the students were introduced to campus facilities including the information and communication technologies and library services.
Dr. Behjat Al Yousuf said: “The orientation program helps new entrants to familiarize themselves with the Masdar Institute vision as a research-driven university. We welcome all the new students who have chosen Masdar Institute to pursue their graduate studies in clean energy, water and advanced technology subjects. We hope through their commitment and hard work, they will begin to contribute to the institution’s region-relevant research efforts.”
Masdar Institute offers full scholarships to admitted students who come with high academic credentials. The institution’s Master’s academic programs and research offerings respond to the needs of the UAE, the region and the wider global community.
Clarence Michael
News Writer
07 January 2016