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PAL-Mentoring Program Launched for CMHS Students

February 21, 2023

In collaboration with Khalifa University’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Falcon Learning Communities (FLC) team launched the Peer-assisted Learning (PAL) Mentoring Program for CMHS students in Period 2.


PAL is a peer teaching approach where students help each other to learn. Guided by an instructor, the students work in small groups to teach and learn the information. This program allows students to acquire knowledge and skills, and build professional learning relationships among their FLC teams.


The PAL mentors (Period 2 students) received several ongoing workshops in which they learned about leadership skills, effective teaming, the role of peer mentors, and MBTI, so they will be well-equipped to support the PAL mentees (Period 1 students).


The concept of PAL is widely used in medical education to support academic performance by providing a safe space for students to interact with peers and engage in active learning in an informal setting. Studies have documented a wide range of benefits from incorporating PAL activities in the medical school curriculum, including enhancing leadership skills, boosting self-confidence, and fostering community.


Some of the comments received from the student mentors about PAL are:

“PAL was very useful as it prepared me to become a better physician.”

“I strongly believe that good doctors are teachers.”

“I learned from mentoring students how to address different learning styles and personalities.”

“PAL strengthened my sense of belonging and allowed me to bond with my colleagues.”


The first cohort of 39 students from Period 2 completed their PAL Program training with a PAL Mentor Certificate issued by CTL and FLC.


Staff Report
21 February 2023