The Research & Innovation Center for Graphene and 2D Materials (RIC-2D) hosted by Khalifa University of Science and Technology is part of a strategic investment by the Government of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to advance the scientific development and commercial deployment of technologies derived from graphene and other 2D materials. RIC-2D will serve as an integral part of an advanced materials innovation ecosystem being developed in Abu Dhabi.

Graphene is the strongest man-made material on earth and, among its many amazing properties, is also extremely flexible and conduction. Graphene, however, is just one of many possible 2-dimensional materials poised to transform a broad range of consumer and industrial applications in the decades to come.

Established in 2022, Research & Innovation Center for Graphene & 2D Materials will host a range of activities to support both research and technology advancement of graphene and other enhanced 2D materials in the region.


Focusing on the potential offered by graphene and other enhanced 2D materials, the overarching objectives of the RIC-2D are to spur:

Economic development

Economic development with focus on the development of innovation-based companies and build on the foundations of a knowledge-based economy

Societal development

Societal development with focus on addressing key UAE societal challenges, including security, water, environment and energy

Human capital development

Human capital development to build a dynamic and sustainable R&D workforce in the UAE

Knowledge development

Knowledge development to generate new scientific findings that will underpin future industrial development in the UAE

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development to enable world-class R&D in the UAE that extends capabilities afforded through global partnership and alliances

This will be achieved through a suite of programs and collaborative projects to be announced via this website.