The overall objective of the 2022 Call for Proposals is to identify technologies with a clear line-of-sight to commercialization as well as to build a pipeline of research that will lay a foundation for future 2D material innovations. As such, proposals are invited across the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum.

Projects submitted to the call are expected to focus on the potential of graphene or otherwise enhanced materials to address challenges in the following Priority Areas:


The exploitation of 2D materials to achieve lighter weight or otherwise functionally enhanced materials for transportation, infrastructure, personal protection and other applications.


The exploitation of 2D materials to achieve novel membranes and other relevant material systems for water desalination, waste water treatment and other filtration systems. Large-scale and small-scale, distributed applications are in scope.


The exploitation of 2D materials to achieve greatly improved energy production and/or energy storage, with particular emphasis on electrochemical energy storage.


Highly innovative research and nearly commercial technologies that exploit the potential of 2D materials will also be considered.

Pre-proposal deadline 20 July 2022