Nuclear Engineering Students Use the Penn State University Reactor during their 2016 Field Trip

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University MSc in Nuclear Engineering Students travelled to Pennsylvania USA as part of a two-week field trip that allowed them to run experiments using Penn State University’s (PSU) nuclear reactor.

The students were invited by Professor Kenan Unlu Director of the Radiation Science and Engineering Center at Penn State University. In addition to experiments using the reactor they were able to run nuclear security related search-and-find exercises. They also visited the PSU Material Science Research Center and attended demonstrations in Professor Kim’s Two Phase Flow Lab.

In addition to activities at Penn State the students visited Westinghouse Global HQ in Pittsburgh toured the Westinghouse C&I Electronics fabrication facility and had demonstrations on fuel removal and transfer at the Westinghouse Training Facility at Waltz Mills. The field trip concluded in Washington DC with presentations at the Nuclear Threat Initiative Organization and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“This was an excellent opportunity for our students to work with a real nuclear research reactor ” said Dr. Philip Beeley Chair of Khalifa University’s Nuclear Engineering Department and Director of the Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute. “Khalifa University’s program is quite new so until the Barakkah plant is operational or until we have developed our own research-based nuclear reactor laboratory collaborations like this one are a key way to ensure that our students have access to the technology they need to excel in their field.”

“Khalifa University is happy to collaborate with Penn State and many international organizations in the establishment of our nuclear program ” said Dr. Tod Laursen President of Khalifa University. “As the first country in 27 years to build a nuclear power reactor the UAE is in a unique position to gain a great deal of guidance and best practices from more established nuclear programs like the one at Penn State. In addition the chance to build a new reactor with all of the latest technologies at our disposal gives us a chance to innovate. We are pleased to be educating the human capital needed to achieve the UAE’s nuclear energy goals and proud that we can offer the highest quality of education available.” 

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