New Student Government Association Board Members Elected

September 21, 2018

The Masdar Institute student body has chosen its members to represent it through the 2016-2017 academic year through the Student Government Association (SGA) elections.

Abdullah Al Hefeiti, Dean of Library and Acting Dean of Students, Masdar Institute, said: “Congratulations to the new members of the SGA board 2016-17. My best wishes to the entire board for their commitment to leading on-campus and off-campus activities. I would also like to thank all students who turned up to vote and elect the new board.”

Saeed Kaddoura of the Water and Environmental Engineering program was elected as the new president of the Masdar Institute Student Governance Association while Mechanical Engineering student Tawadud AlKatheeri was elected as vice president.

SGA President Kaddoura said: “One of our challenges this year is to reinforce the role of the Sustainability Club in the student community. Masdar Institute is a well-known forerunner in the field of sustainability and environmental research, and the Sustainability Club acts as a think-tank for student-led sustainability community initiatives. We feel that encouraging students to participate in the Sustainability Club will provide a platform for students to be creative and innovative when it comes to our sustainability challenges.”

Other members of the board are Sustainable Critical Infrastructure student Fernanda de Carvalho Schuch (Secretary), PhD student Dan Cracan (Treasurer), Materials Science and Engineering student Frazly Khalil Alexander, (Chairperson-Sports and Engineering Systems and Management student Abdul Rahman Al Zaabi (Chairperson-Events).

SGA Vice President AlKatheeri said: “We plan to further extend the reach of the students’ impact beyond the campus by increasing our community involvement, and with a student body of over 400 students, we are confident that we can create a meaningful impact within the City of Abu Dhabi.”

The SGA office-bearers have pledged to empower the members while ensuring that the board’s vision is aligned with that of Masdar Institute by doing its best to create an environment that redefines education, research, and leadership.

Elections for the SGA are held within 30 days of the first day of class each fall semester, with an additional election held in April for an interim SGA to replace graduating members The Student Affairs Office (SAO) provides a range of services and support to enhance Masdar Institute students’ overall well-being and to create opportunities to enrich and broaden their educational experience.


Clarence Michael
News Writer 
10 October 2016