Masdar Institute’s iSmart Joins Regional Stakeholders to Host AMPT 2014 for the First Time in UAE

September 21, 2018

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 12 November, 2014 – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced that its Institute Center for Smart and Sustainable Systems (iSmart) has joined regional stakeholders to organize the Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (AMPT 2014) conference for the first time in the UAE.

This premier international conference, being hosted in Dubai from 17-20 November, is one of the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing events and is designed to be an interface between research and engineering for the presentation of ideas, work and results. More than 2,000 delegates from across the world are expected to attend the event and the number of abstract submissions for the conference has surpassed the 350 mark.

AMPT 2014 is a conference that covers multiple topics in advanced materials and brings experts from within and outside the Middle East to discuss some of the latest technologies and concepts for the advanced material sector. It will cover areas including manufacturing, machining, repairing, welding, coating, and monitoring. As part of the conference, an exhibition will showcase the latest products and technologies.

The conference keynote speakers from the region include Saudi Aramco Industrial Services Executive Director Nabeel A. Al-Jama, Saudi Aramco Mechanical Services Shop Manager Mohammed Al-Sultan, and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Vice President of High Density Polyethylene Business Unit, Dr Waleed Al-Shalfan.

Keynote speakers from other regions include Aramco Research Center Leader Dr. Michele Ostraat, Universidad Carolos III De Madrid Professor of Material Science and Engineering Dr. Jose M. Torralba, Dublin City University National Center for Senior Research Director Dr. Dermot Diamond, University of Illinois Professor of Physics Dr. Munir Nayfeh, Canadian National Research Council (NRC) Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory Advanced Material Removal Process Manager Dr. M. Helmi Attia, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials President Dr. Yong-Taek Im and  University of Kentucky Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing (ISM) Director Dr I. S. Jawahir.

The co-chairs for the conference are Dr. Hussain Al Fadhli, from Saudi Aramco, and Prof. Abdel Majid Hamouda, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering, Qatar University. The Honorary Chairman will be Dr. M. S. J. Hashmi, Chairman, International Steering Committee of AMPT International Conference Series.

The Technical Review committee is led by Dr. Mohammad A. Omar, Head of the Masdar Institute Center for Smart and Sustainable Systems and the Masdar Institute Department of Engineering Systems and Management, and includes from Masdar Institute Dr. Raed Hashaikeh, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Dr. Kumar Shanmugam, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Dr. Amal Al-Ghaferi, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Dr. Rashid Abu Al Rub, Assistant Professor, Material Science and Engineering and Dr. Ahmed Al Jaberi, Assistant Professor, Material Science and Engineering, as its members.

Dr. Omar said: “Co-hosting a conference of global stature in the UAE bears testimony to Masdar Institute’s commitment towards collaborating with regional stakeholders. This knowledge sharing event in advanced technology aims to benefit the oil and gas industry through discussing cost-efficient technologies. We believe leading researchers and scientists gathering for the conference will highlight innovative solutions through poster presentations and technical papers.”

The previous AMPT conferences have been held in Taiwan, Australia, Turkey, France, Malaysia, Bahrain, South Korea, the US, Poland, Spain and Portugal. Ireland has the distinction of hosting the event in 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2003, while Malaysia hosted the conference in 1998 and 2009.

Masdar Institute’s iSmart contributes to turning the UAE into a global leader in engineering systems methods and applications by providing strategic and operational direction to research in data, industrial and urban systems. iSmart covers topics under energy and water policy, transportation and logistics, smart cities planning operations and building design, as well as industrial management, supply chains, and sustainability more broadly.