Masdar Institute Honors Sponsors of Young Future Energy Leaders 2011 Programs

September 21, 2018

‘YFEL Stakeholder Event’ Further Strengthens Relations with Business Leaders and CEOs of Sponsor Organizations

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 4 October, 2011 – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technology, honored the sponsors of events organized under the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program during 2011.

The ‘YFEL Stakeholder Event’ held recently at the Yas Hotel – Abu Dhabi was attended by a large number of VIP guests and officials from government and private organizations. The luncheon and networking event specially aimed to strengthen and expand YFEL’s relationship with the business leaders and CEOs of sponsor organizations as well as prospective stakeholders, while offering them the opportunity to support the YFEL programs in 2012.

Salem Bin Mohammed Bin Kardous Al Ameri attended the event on behalf of his father Mohammed Bin Kardous Al Ameri, renowned Emirati philanthropist and enthusiastic supporter of YFEL. Chief executive officers and representatives of organizations including Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA), Emirates Nuclear Energy Company (ENEC) and Dolphin Energy also participated in the event. They were welcomed by Dr Fred Moavenzadeh, President, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Dr Joseph L. Cecchi, Provost, Masdar Institute, as well as other members of Masdar Institute management team. Zainab Al Ali, YFEL Program Coordinator at Masdar Institute, welcomed the gathering.

Following a video presentation, Dr. Lamya N. Fawwaz, Executive Director of Public Affairs at Masdar Institute, offered an overview of Masdar Institute and the YFEL program. She also announced YFEL’s schedule of activities for the rest of 2011 and highlighted the program’s achievements to date. Sponsors and prospective stakeholders gained an insight into the extent of YFEL’s success their robust support has accomplished.

During the event, Alia Ali Mubarak Busamra, an YFEL member, shared her personal experience with the audience and how the program proved to be greatly beneficial in learning more about advanced energy and sustainable development.

Alia Busamra said: “I was fortunate to be among several young professional candidates who were selected for this exceptional program. A major benefit of the YFEL program is that I had the opportunity to meet participants from different educational, professional and cultural backgrounds who share the same passion and are willing to contribute their knowledge, skills and experience to the development of renewable energy.

She added: “The program gave us the chance to meet global and local leaders and hear what they have to say about current and future energy challenges that we, the young future leaders, will have to tackle in the not-so-distant future. YFEL provides an effective platform to translate students’ efforts into practical solutions that our society needs.”

Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh said: “The unique YFEL program provides an avenue for us to help mentor future leaders in renewable energy by engaging them with the leaders of today. The sponsors of previous programs have enormously assisted in bringing the youth closer to the professionals and we are grateful for their noble gesture. We believe their continued association with YFEL will further strengthen the program and help us achieve our objectives.”

Dr. Lamya Fawwaz thanked YFEL sponsors for their continued support and commitment to the program and called on local businessmen, government and academia to work together to foster young leaders and play a more active role in their lives. She emphasized that only continued support from progressive groups and individuals will ensure the future success of YFEL programs that offer an enriching experience to members.
Zainab Al Ali, Outreach Officer and YFEL Program Coordinator at Masdar Institute, said: “YFEL is an outreach program by Masdar Institute that inspires, engages and empowers bright young people to be tomorrow’s leaders in alternative energy and sustainability. It achieves this by bringing together students and promising young professionals from the UAE and around the world in a series of networking, skill development and idea sharing forums focused on this dynamic and vitally important field.”